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2016 NFL Draft: Week 13 College Football Live Thread, Streaming, TV Info


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Welcome to Rivalry Week!

Well...actually, it's a bit late for that. We had a pair of games on Tuesday and Thursday and a third of a slate yesterday including a couple notable games.

You had the long-standing rivalry between Iowa and Nebraska with the #4 Hawkeyes coming out on top 28-20. You had the Revivalry between TCU and Baylor in what was billed in the pre-season as a play-in game for the playoffs. In the end, a 28-21 overtime win for #19 TCU over #7 Baylor likely puts both outside of the postseason in year two for the college playoffs. You had Civil War (#17 Oregon undid unranked Oregon St., 52-42). You had Apples (unranked Washington ran #20 Washington St. ragged, 45-10). And of course, topping the billing was the final non-factor in the Michigan MAC! What action! What drama! (Central Michigan topped Eastern Michigan 35-28, but it didn't matter as Western Michigan had already beaten both this season)

As I'm wrapping this up, we're already underway with the big games today.

#8 Ohio State at #10 Michigan (12:00pm ET, ABC)

Yes, please. Tons of talent here for Rams fans as I've pointed out in weeks past. OSU WR Michael Thomas and Michigan TE Jake Butt are the primaries for me.

#1 Clemson at South Carolina (12:00pm ET, ESPN)

A fine backup for commercial breaks and whatnot. Clemson QB DeShaun Watson is my top QB for the 2017 NFL Draft (and my dream pick for the Rams...), so an early look for those who haven't seen him would be useful. Of course if Clemson gets through this, the ACC Championship against #14 North Carolina with the playoffs on the line is must-see anyway.

And if you can't get enough rivalry football in your life, Indiana at Purdue, Virginia Tech Hokies at Virginia Cavaliers and Duke at Wake Forest are out there for the addicts.

Penn State at #5 Michigan St. (3:30pm ET, ESPN)
#14 North Carolina at North Carolina St. (3:30pm ET, ABC/ESPN2)
#2 Alabama at Auburn (3:30pm ET, CBS)
#22 UCLA at USC (3:30pm ET, ABC/ESPN2)

Have at it.

#18 Ole Miss at #21 Mississippi St. (7:15pm ET, ESPN2)
#13 Florida St. at #12 Florida (7:30pm ET, ESPN)
Texas A&M at LSU (7:30pm ET, SEC Network)
#6 Notre Dame at #9 Stanford (7:30pm ET, FOX)
#3 Oklahoma at #11 Oklahoma St. (8:00pm ET, ABC)

Have at it, Pt. II.

Great day ahead/in action. Let's do this.