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St. Louis Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Five Rams To Watch

The Rams need to win this week and if they are going to pull the biggest upset of the season, the team needs these Rams to play great.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams will be playing the Bengals in Cincinnati on Sunday.

Heading into this game, the Rams are 4-6 and will try to somehow upset the 8-2 Bengals. Cincy's offense and the Rams' defense will be a great matchup. The Rams' offense versus the Bengals' defense, though, will decide the game.

With that being said, here are your five Rams to watch.

WR Tavon Austin

The Rams' most explosive threat has been contained recently and he has been a letdown for the Rams over the last couple of weeks. The Rams' offensive strategy has changed recently, since the misdirection plays of Austin have been shut down.

Austin will have to become more of a traditional threat and beat defenses with his skill set, not because the offense schemes plays to get the ball in his hands. The Bengals have a good defense, but if Austin can have a good game against the Bengals, the offense has a chance to move the ball.

DT Aaron Donald

Lately, the Rams have not been able to rush the passer. The only player that has consistently been in the backfield has been the young defensive tackle. If the Rams are going to have a good game, they will need Donald to have another productive day.

QB Nick Foles

Since Case Keenum is still dealing with the aftereffects of his concussion, the Rams are set to start Foles. Foles has a battered and horrible offensive line in front of him facing a good defense. This is not the week to be starting Foles in FanDuel...

CB Trumaine Johnson

The Rams' defense will be facing another top receiver; this week, A.J. Green will be the top target, and it will be up to the Rams to handle him. Green likes to move around a lot, and the Bengals will more than likely attempt to attack Johnson more than Janoris Jenkins.

Johnson has become an interception machine, but Green is a smooth route runner. Expect these two to battle all day.

LT Greg Robinson

Robinson has been terrible this season. The only reason that he has not been called a bust so far is because this is only his second season, and people assume that he is a great run blocker.


He is a decent run blocker sometimes, but damn he can not block edge rushers, or basically anyone who can run a 40 yard dash under seven seconds.

Carlos Dunlap might when the sack award if he's lined up in front of Robinson all day. Dunlap will have to watch out for Robinsons' constant holds, and also his teammate Geno Atkins, because they might run into each other a lot in the backfield.