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Random Ramsdom 27 November: Black Friday Edition

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Why Are the Rams Back in London | 101 ESPN

Why? $$$ of course.

Is Greg Robinson a Bust? | 101 ESPN

Not yet, says Bernie. But right now he's worse than Jason Smith - and that's scary

Rams Trying 'Different Things' to Get Gurley on Track | ESPN

How about getting him competent QB play?

Is Winning Fishers Top Priority? | STL Today

I'm not sure how valid this is, but he makes some good points.

Aaron Donald Continues to be a Beast | Cover 32 Rams

He should be getting DPOY consideration. He won't, but he should.

Gurley Dominating Pro Bowl Voting | ESPN

His play may have slipped as of late, but that's not stopping him from being 2nd among RBs

Rams OL Shuffle Continues | ESPN

The weak link of the Rams continues to get weaker.

Johnny Hekker: Emergency QB | ESPN

At this point could he be much worse? But I'd hate to see him behind this OL.

Matt Longacre Finds Niche | ESPN

With the DEs being roughed up this season, this former D-II player has found a productive role on the DL.

From Contenders to No-Mans Land | Football Outsiders

The Rams have gone from 4-3 and favored by the algorithms to once again appearing in the 'on the clock' section.

Which Losing Streak will End? | FOX Sports

The Rams are on a 3 game skid and the Bengals are looking to avoid one.

Perfect Time to Stop Gurley? |

Given that the Rams are starting backups at 3 OL positions and sub-par players at the other 2.... I'd say yeah

Ray Ray Moves Across the Bay Bay | NFPost

Even the Raiders couldn't stomach his antics.