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Jeff Fisher's Brand Of Football Isn't Going To Work

Fisherball isn't going to work in today's NFL. Period.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I love my Rams, and my Rams suck. They are straight up hot garbage, so theoretically, I guess that means I love hot garbage.

Jeff Fisher is trash. Straight up hot garbage. And my Rams are hot garbage. It’s a match made in heaven.

I have never been a fan of Fisher’s, and have stated this on so many occasions. How can anyone in their right mind get excited about mediocre (at best)? No literally, the best you will get from this guy is mediocrity.

How does a guy coach of 20 years -- with 25% or less of his seasons resulting in actually being above .500 -- still get praised by so many? Bruce Arians hit the nail on the head last year when he said all this talk about what Jeff Fisher has assembled needs to end.

Yes there's talent, but what about their ability? To some, ability and talent go hand and hand. Not in this case though. That's because their talent is being held back by poor coaching. Why in the absolute f**k would anyone in their right mind build a defense that can hold teams to 15 or less, but build an offense that can only score 15.1 points a game? We are going to beat teams the HARD way. Fisher is purposely building a piss poor offense in hopes of the defense pulling off 16 tough wins in a row?

You got to be f**king kidding me....

But that's exactly what Fisher has said time and time again, and people continue to eat it up. He has routinely said the Rams are going to win by playing really good defense and running the ball. He doesn't realize that it makes more sense to build a dope ass defense and a dope ass offense where you can score 30 and hold the opposition to 17, i.e. Seattle of the past few yrs, the Cardinals this year, etc...

Fisher is too stubborn to even see his way is inefficient and will not work. The only way to win using his philosophy is to play 100% perfect and error-free football.  Because his philosophy almost always includes a backup QB as his starter -- you have to capitalize on every reception, run, interception, fumble, etc. Unfortunately, this is the NFL and no one is perfect.  Not even the best teams in history have accomplished that feat. Yet Fisher still won't adjust.

I see no error with Les Snead.  Remember, he has to bring in guys that fit what the team is trying to do. And as terrible of a philosophy as it is, he has brought in some true studs that a good coach would take advantage of. If you don't like him drafting a running back and a bunch of linemen instead of either a quarterback or a wide receiver, blame the Fisher philosophy. Everyone is quick to blame the o-line or receivers, but how about the coach? He's the reason this team has been assembled. When exactly does he start to absorb the vast majority and bulk of the blame?

Janoris Jenkins recently said:

This can't keep happening every week. The defense, we are playing great ball, man. All we are asking for is a little bit of help. We can't just keep losing like this.

His pain is real and true. Unfortunately his statement is not.

You can keep losing like this and you will, because Jeff Fisher still can't see the error in his flaws...