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Random Ramsdom 11/22: Rams Draft Board Looks Like...

It looked like this was the year that draft talk and offseason planning would be held until then, the offseason. That's no longer the case--this season is lost.

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Week 11

--- Rams-Ravens Recap ---
A recap of the game the Rams let get away.

--- Five Takeaways: Rams-Ravens ---
Five takeaways: the Ravens had four of them.

--- Rams Unaware of Keenum Concussion? ---
Great defense, Fish.

--- NFL, NFL PA Investigating Keenum Playing ---
The NFL will investigate the Keenum situation, but I don't know if they'll find any "foul play."

--- Rams Under Fire for Leaving Keenum In ---
The Rams have entered mainstream NFL news for the wrong reason once again.


--- "Rams Don't Care About Player Safety" ---
A bold characterization, but between Bush and Keenum, it unfortunately has undertones of truth.

--- Hochman: Rams 'Horrible Display' Leaving Keenum In ---
It never looks good to leave in a wounded duck.

--- Jeff Fisher Coaching for his Job ---
Even if he salvages this season at 8-8, isn't it too little, too late?

--- Coach Hot Seat Rankings ---
Fisher has to SOAR in this list next week.

Get used to seeing these around town for the next bunch of months.


--- Hoodie Under NFL Jersey? ---
Beats headphones in warm-ups? No way! Hoodie during the game? Sure.

--- Wide Open Wild Card ---
It seems everyone except the Rams has a chance.

--- Cowboys, Playoffs? ---
Three teams are undefeated this season: the Patriots, Panthers, and the Romo-Cowboys.