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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: The Great Collapse of 2015 Continues

One of the ugliest games and losses in Rams history drops the Rams to 4-6 on the season. Is it time for Fisher to go or give him more time?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Well this is about to be awesome. Grab your popcorn and head to the comments section after the read.

The St. Louis Rams have all but completed their collapse after a promising start to the 2015 season with yesterday's 13-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The offense could do nothing out on the field. It seems like pass interference and other penalties provided more ball movement than the offense.

The Rams had the lead and blew it. The Rams had a chance to win the game and blew it. The Rams had a chance to at least tie the game and blew it.

The Rams (insert anything at all), they blew it.

On top of the terrible product on the field, the Rams are now catching flak for keeping Case Keenum in the game when he obviously had a concussion. This is troubling for two reasons: (1) the obvious health reasons for the QB and (2) Keenum fumbled the ball two plays later leading to the Ravens game winning field goal as time expired.

At one point, the Rams were sitting above .500 in November for the first time in eight seasons – gone. St. Louis can still finish at 10-6, but let’s be real...

As always, comment below (should be a real barn burner, really hope Rams’ front office personnel get to read them) and vote in the poll, scale is the same as every week:

1 – How does this hack still have a job?

10 – Goodness gracious, best coach ever!