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St. Louis Rams 7, Baltimore Ravens 3: Thanks For Halftime

Fisherball is in effect.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Fisherball makes no allies.

The St. Louis Rams scored seven points in the first half against the Baltimore Ravens.

They accrued five penalties.

Andrew Donnal injured his knee forcing the Rams to go ever deeper into their offensive linemen stash with Rob Havenstein and Isaiah Battle listed among the inactives from the 53-man roster.

The Rams went 2-7 on third downs, a 28.57% conversion rate which is higher than their season-long 24.35% rate.

Case Keenum, the new savior of the Rams offense, finished the half going 3/10 for 31 yards.

Everything about this is horrible and boring and stupid and my eyes hurt and my head hurts and I don't know what this is because I love football and I don't love this and I don't understand what the purpose or intent is here because it's entirely uncomfortable in a game the Rams need to win and it just doesn't feel good.

The Rams lead at the half.