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St. Louis Rams At Baltimore Ravens: Live Open Thread

At 4-5 and facing a 2-7 Baltimore Ravens team, the St. Louis Rams NEED to get the win on the road today.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

With the St. Louis Rams at 4-5, this one just doesn't need a ton of pre-game analysis.

It doesn't matter that the Baltimore Ravens are 2-7.

It doesn't matter that the Rams have a new starting QB.

It doesn't matter that the injuries are mounting for the Rams.

It doesn't matter that DE Robert Quinn and RT Rob Havenstein are among the injured players not taking part today and with them a healthy RB Tre Mason.

All that matters is the result. And the Rams have to get a positive one today if their 2015 season is worth anything moving forward. With a trip to face the 9-1 Cincinnati Bengals looming a week from today, today is essentially a must-win for the Rams' hopes of relevancy in 2015.

So let's dispense with any profundity today. Forget context. Forget nuance.

The St. Louis Rams need to win this damn game or they can just pack it up through the holiday season.