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2015 Fantasy Football: Join SB Nation's $1,250,000 FanDuel League For Week 11

Fantasy football. Have you heard of it?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is running a $1.25M fantasy football league on Sunday. First place wins $100,000. Join now!

Our weekly league is open with sweet, sweet cash on the line. Here's a Rams-Ravens brief:

  • Newly appointed starting Rams QB Case Keenum will cost you just $4,800. Nick Foles? $6,300. #fantasyfootball
  • Yet again, RB Just Todd Gurley is the most expensive back in the NFL on FanDuel. Priorities, kids.
  • The most expensive WR in the game today is Tavon Austin. Is it worth spending on Rams offensive players with a new QB in the mix and the passing offensive as decrepit as it is? If so, Wes Welker at $5,200 might be a sneaky buy. Former Rams WR Chris Givens is just $4,500 for the Ravens.
  • I dare you to take Jared Cook.
  • I've been high on the Rams' defense especially for fantasy purposes all season, but the loss to Chicago should raise concerns that the final third of the season might not be as pretty. And with Robert Quinn still out, I'm certainly less assured than say a month ago.

Have at it, friends.