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St. Louis Rams At Baltimore Ravens: Ravens To Watch

Here are the Baltimore Ravens to watch in this matchup against the Rams

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens will attempt to win their third game against the St. Louis Rams this week, while the Rams will be trying to continue their playoff push and win their fifth game of the season. The road to the playoffs will be tough for the Rams, but if the Rams are going to make it then they will have to win this week.

If the Rams are going to win this week then they will have to worry about these five Ravens.

QB Joe Flacco

Flacco has been named one of the best quarterbacks of the NFL for multiple seasons, which goes on to show that just because you have a good quarterback does not mean that you will have a good team. Unfortunately for Flacco his offense has not helped him out this season. With Steve Smith out for the season and his running back Justin Forsett not performing up to expectations, Flacco has been trying to propel his average weapons to win some games, it just has not worked out.

The Rams have a pretty good pass defense but against the Chicago Bears the Rams defense was exposed. If Flacco and the Rams can get the quick passing game going they can put the Rams defense on their heels. Flacco is probably the best deep passer in the league, which means him and Chris Givens could catch the defense out of position and get a deep passing touchdown.

WR Chris Givens

Do you believe in revenge games? Do you believe that Givens has talent and he was better than the Rams 5th receiver? If you do believe in such things then Givens is a player that you need to watch. Many Ram fans should remember the young pros career with the Rams, he was a great rookie for the team, but after his rookie season he could not gain the favor that he previously had and slowly started to fade out of the offense, then the Rams traded him.

The Rams defense has played well against starting receivers this season and it is a trend that should continue. For those who do not remember Givens' play style, it is that of a deep threat. Although Givens has taken strides in becoming a  better all-around receiver, his best trait is his deep threat ability.

K Justin Tucker

Yes, a kicker is one of the Ravens to watch. Tucker is one of the best kickers in the NFL. The Rams have one of the best red zone defenses in the league so if the Ravens are going to score some points they are going to have to rely on their kicker. Heading into this week Tucker is 19 of 23, with a season long of 52 yards. Tucker is a clutch kicker and if it comes down to a walk off game winning kick there is a great chance that the Rams will be 4-6.

DT Brandon Williams

The Ravens star defensive tackle has burst on the scene and is having a hell of a season. The young stud at tackle is the best young talent that the Ravens have on their team. Not only can he play the run well but he has been successful rushing the passer and has two sacks on the season. Currently he has 32 total tackles and two pass deflections as well.

Williams could have another big week against the Rams with rookie Jamon Brown missing his first game because f a season ending injury. With question marks n the offensive line the Rams could struggle making gaps for their rookie running back Todd Gurley.

LBs Daryl Smith and C.J. Mosley

With Terrell Suggs being injured for the season, Smith has taken the reigns as the veteran leader of the Ravens defense. As a defensive player he is known more for his coverage ability than his run stopping. Smith has 81 tackles, two sacks, and two pass deflections. C.J. Mosley is the young linebacker for the Ravens. On the season he has 53 tackles, three sacks, and five pass deflections.

The middle of the field will be a battle for the Rams. The Rams newly acquired weapon Wes Welker is an ace in the middle of the field and Todd Gurley could have trouble running down the middle of the field as well with these two good linebackers in the middle of the field.