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Can QB Case Keenum Revive The St. Louis Rams' Passing Game?

The Rams benched Nick Foles for Case Keenum, will Keenum be able to make the receivers better? Hopefully.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


In the NFL, change can cripple a team or give that team a second breath. The St. Louis Rams are hoping to get that second breath in newly appointed starting QB Case Keenum. When Nick Foles was benched on Monday it was surprising. It was also the best move the Rams could make.

The Rams want  their stagnant offense to at least end up being decent during the final few games. Keenum is not going to light the NFL on fire and be the next Tony Romo or Tom Brady. Nobody is expecting him to be a franchise QB, but he could produce some damn good games. The hope is that he can prove to be a solid game manager, which is something the Rams were not getting from their previous starter. Keenum could end up playing solid football and keeping the job for the rest of the season. All that Keenum has to do is make the Rams offense look better than a high school team.

We know what to expect from Keenum, and if he plays better than expected that is great; however, what the staff and fans want to know is how will the receivers play with a new QB. The narrative this season is that the Rams have horrible receivers. While that maybe true, the receivers have to be better than their leading receiver having less than 400 yards right?

The Rams top receivers this season have been Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt. The attribute that Keenum has shown is his fearlessness in throwing the ball, which can get the Rams in trouble, but could pay off if the receivers finish with the catch. This team has sorely been missing the deep ball, and Britt and Austin have both shown the ability to get open deep down the field. They just have not had a QB who could capitalize on those type of passes. Also, the hope is that Brian Quick, who has been forgotten in this offense, will suddenly be remembered and will start to flash the ability to make plays like he did last season.

Whether it was Foles not utilizing his receivers or if they truly are as bad as they have played is kind of up in the air. The Rams have played some bad defenses and will play another below average secondary this week against the Baltimore Ravens. Immediately we should see if the Rams receivers are better than they have shown so far or if that will be something else that the Rams will need to address in the offseason.