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Man Crush Monday: Explosive Plays and a Very Large Man

One very large man goes up against the explosiveness of the Rams offense for the MCM week 8 belt.

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

I hope you were paying attention yesterday. Because if you blinked (or took out the trash like I did) you were liable to miss a 60+ yard TD. The inconsistent explosiveness displayed by the offense was more than matched by the defense. Gregg Williams' unit held the 49ers to under 200 total yards.

As impressive as the defensive performance was, the names that popped into my head when I started thinking about MCM weren't defensive playmakers. They were the familiar explosive duo on offense and an under-appreciated member of the Rams vaunted DL

Tavon Austin

He's not your prototypical WR, but Tavon haters need to realize they're wrong. Is he going to put up monster receiving numbers? No. But he's the best WR on the team right now. He's right there with Gurley as the most explosive playmaker as well.

So sit down, stop complaining about Tavon the bust, and enjoy days like yesterday where his 2 TDs were a huge difference.

Todd Gurley

I'm literally speechless with Gurley.

Just Todd Gurley.

That is all.

Michael Brockers

Typically, Brockers spends his Sunday's eating double teams so that the other members of the Rams pass rush can be free to wreak havoc. Yesterday, however, the proverbial monster in the middle of the Rams DL was a man to be reckoned with.

He had 5 tackles with one coming for a loss to go with a sack. Oh - and he was a key player in the safety as well. Mark Barron had another beastly day, but Brockers doesn't get enough love. So - with apologies to Barron - Brockers gets the nod.