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St. Louis Rams At Baltimore Ravens: NFL Week 11 Broadcast Map

The Rams are back into the bottom tier of the national interest.

Week 11 broadcast map

The St. Louis Rams are on the road in Maryland on Sunday to face the Baltimore Ravens in the early FOX broadcast group per the map above via 506Sports (full hi-res photo here).

With the Rams at 4-5 and the Ravens at 2-7, it's just not a draw for the network, especially with the Dallas Cowboys playing (who are still a national draw despite being 2-7) and the rising star of Cam Newton leading the Carolina Panthers out to a 9-0 and dancing his way into the nightmares of scared white moms all across suburbia.

Here's the FOX early foursome:

Yellow - Rams at Ravens

Red - Cowboys at Dolphins

Blue - Washington at Panthers

Green - Buccaneers at Eagles

It's a tiny one this week. You get the pelvis from south of Chicago over to southeast Kansas to cross the Ozarks with southeast Iowa, northern Arkansas, northwestern Tennessee and western Kentucky in there for the St. Louis market.

Baltimore carves off much of Maryland and Delmarva. Cleveland and Pittsburgh also pick up the game as AFC North foes with a sliver of West Virginia and western Maryland picking it up as well.