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Random Ramsdom 11/19: Case Keenum is Ready, Excited For His Chance

Case Keenum says he’s “been through it all.” He’s excited, and more than ready for his Week 11 challenge against the Baltimore Ravens.

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Rams Wednesday Practice Report, 11/18 |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Because he’s a member of a team in the NFC West, wide receiver Tavon Austin doesn’t get many opportunities to play in his hometown. He’ll get to do it for the first time in his career on Sunday, when St. Louis squares of against Baltimore just steps away from the inner harbor.

Keenum Unfazed By Task of Starting For Rams |  ESPN

Since entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2012, Case Keenum has found himself in nearly every scenario a player can experience in the league.

Latsch Discusses Keenum’s Promotion [VIDEO] |  Gridiron Gateway

Gridiron Gateway writer Nate Latsch talks about Case Keenum's promotion with Doug Gottlieb of CBS Sports.

Keenum Says He’s Ready for His Closeup |  Fox Sports

Approaching the logo backdrop used for appearances by coach Jeff Fisher and the starting quarterback, Case Keenum jokingly spelled his last name for reporters and asked where he should stand.

Nick Foles:  Worse Than Sam Bradford |  St. Louis American

During the Sam Bradford era, there was a saying: any quarterback but Bradford. Nine games into the 2015 season, St. Louis Rams QB Nick Foles looks worse than Bradford.

Will Foles Be On The Roster Next Year? [VIDEO] |  CBS Sports

Nick Foles getting benched in favor of Case Keenum has raised questions about his future with the team.  Prior to the season, Foles signed a 2-year, $24.5 million dollar extension that kicks in after this year.  Doug Gottlieb discusses if Nick Foles will be on the Rams in 2016.

Foles Tries to Take Demotion in Stride |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Monday, when he found out he was being benched, was no easy day for Nick Foles. It didn’t get much better on Tuesday, when he was relegated to spectator status.

Rams Trying Not To Panic But Know Time is Running Out |  ESPN

After a heartbreaking loss to the Minnesota Vikings two weeks ago, the St. Louis Rams believed they had a good enough week to bounce back at home against the Chicago Bears.  They were wrong.

Teams that Need to Evaluate Their QB Situation For 2016 |  Yahoo! Sports

Here are teams that will use the rest of the 2015 season to find out if next year’s starter is already on their roster.

Gurley Featured on Cover of New Sports Illustrated |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

The new regional cover of Sports Illustrated this week profiles St. Louis rookie running back Todd Gurley with the cover line, "Battering Ram."

PFT’s "Week 11 Hot Seat" |  Pro Football Talk

Every week on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, they take a look at the coaches (or coordinators or General Managers) on the hot seat. Here’s a short version of the same thing.  [Jump to Jeff Fisher at...well...the very beginning].

Ranking the Top NFL Pass Rushers This Season |  Pro Football Focus

It’s easy to get stuck in a trance looking at sack numbers; they’re definitive wins for the defense. But they’re also only part of the story when it comes to analyzing how productive a pass rusher is.

Don’t Give Up On The Rams Just Yet |  Cover 32 Rams

In spite of sitting at 4-5 and seemingly out of the playoff hunt, there are still a lot of games to play for the St. Louis Rams.

Stan Kroenke Wants to Take Over L.A. |  Bloomberg

The formidable (some say pitiless) dealmaker is set to snub St. Louis in his own home state to move the Rams.

Wednesday Injury Report Notes

He Wasn’t Gone For Long