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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: St. Louis Rams In Freefall (UPDATED)

Down we go.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't gonna be fun.

The St. Louis Rams lost their second game in a row, this one a 13-37 drubbing at the mercy of Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears. The Rams now find themselves in the midst of the three-team muddle on the floor of the NFC West, and at 4-5 likely need a near-miracle to get into the late season playoff push.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 17.78 (9)
Average change from last week -6.38
Highest ranking (source) 14th (SB Nation)
Lowest ranking (source) 24th (
Biggest positive change (source) -1 (CBS - Prisco)
Biggest negative change (source) -11 (ESPN)

SB Nation: 14th (11th)

ESPN: 21st (10th)

Nick Foles is now the lowest-rated quarterback in the NFL with a 34.1 Total QBR this season. Foles was 0-of-12 passing at least 10 yards downfield in Sunday's loss. 24th (16th)

Nothing screams "We're making our playoff push!!" like starting Case Keenum, that's what I always say...

In precisely the kind of game the Rams needed to control at home in order to stay in the playoff race, they were terrible. Every year, St. Louis pulls off a mini hot streak, say winning three out of four, only to falter in the important games against inferior opponents. St. Louis let an injury-riddled Bears team control the game, with a rookie back running wild.

CBS Sports (Prisco): 16th (15th)

Losing at home to the Bears is a bad loss. It led to Nick Foles being benched for Case Keenum. This thing has gone bad.

CBS Sports (Kirwan): 16th (9th)

You can see it slipping away in St. Louis. They have a playoff-caliber defense, and a playoff-caliber RB. They just need a QB who won't screw it up. I think Jeff Fisher had to make the move from Nick Foles, but I don't think Case Keenum is the answer.

Yahoo! Sports: 18th (9th)

I guess this was all Nick Foles' fault, even though that no-show against the Bears looked like a dozen other bad losses the past few years before Foles arrived.

Pro Football Talk: 16th (9th)

It’s one thing to play down to the level of the competition. It’s another to play grossly below it.

FOX Sports: 15th (10th)

Nick Foles’ 2013 season where he threw for 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions seems like ages ago. The Rams will turn to Case Keenum in Week 11 to help spark their passing game.

Pro Football Focus: 20th (17th)

Running back Todd Gurley has 10 runs of 15 or more yards, tied for fourth-most in the league. On those carries, he had 346 yards, which is the second-most breakaway yards behind just Adrian Peterson.