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Random Ramsdom 11/17: Foles Hits Bench, Team Hits Wall

Nick Foles has been benched, but the way that this team has been playing, I'd honestly like Jeff Fisher to be benched. I don't know if there's an offensive player out there that could overcome Jeff Fisher's coaching.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10

--- Rams Fail to Sustain Drives ---
The Rams offense was completely inept against the Bears.

--- Jamon Brown Likely out for Season ---
Brown suffered a nasty injury in Sunday's loss.

--- Kennum Named Starter, Two OL to IR ---
Some big changes hit the roster yesterday.

--- Inside the Press Room w/ Myles Simmons ---
Myles Simmons breaks down Fisher's INTERESTING press conference.

--- Five Takeaways: Rams vs Bears ---
1. Rams offense is awful. 2. See number one. 3. See number two. Etc.

--- Under the Lights: TJ McDonald ---
TJ McDonald speaks one-on-one.

--- Rams vs Ravens Preview ---
Will the Rams win? Will Case Keenum overcome the all-powerful Ravens? Find out on the next episode of "Fisherball Z."

--- Wes Welker Debuts with Rams ---
Welker debuts with the Rams, and he leads them in receptions for the day--with three.


--- Rams Need to Consider Foles Not the Answer ---
Ironically, this was published only hours before the decision was made.

--- Rams Turn to Case Kennum for Spark ---
Case Keenum is supposed to spark the offense, but has he ever sparked anything?

--- Injuries force Rams to Go Offensive Line Dancing ---
The offensive line is in constant rotation, and that can't be a good thing.

--- Despite Bradford Injury, Rams Pick Likely Safe ---
Bradford will be back, and even if he isn't, the Eagles likely won't run enough plays to earn the pick back.


--- Texans Deliver a Bengals Defeat ---
The Bengals lose, leaving two teams remaining.

--- Brock Osweiler  Takes Over ---
Manning got benched the same game that he set the career passing record; that's sad, but he was awful.

--- Relocation Fee Likely 500-600 Million ---
A hefty fee will be slabbed onto anyone moving out of their home town this season.

--- Rob Ryan Fired ---
Ryan, coaching one of the worst units in football, was finally fired.

--- Baltimore Should Have Won ---
The refs mucked this game up, and honestly, what's new? It's a difficult job, but this happens too often.

--- Injury Roundup: Allen Hurns Seeing Specialist ---
Hurns has a core problem, and he's seeing a specialist.