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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Two Game Skid Drops Rams Below 0.500

The St. Louis Rams dropped an ugly game to the Chicago Bears in Week 10. Where will this put Jeff Fisher in the eyes of Rams fans?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams lost to the Chicago Bears at home – and it wasn’t pretty. So not pretty, I quit watching at the half. I can count on one hand the number of times I have voluntarily turned off a Rams game.

I will be leaving this write-up short. I could rant for a while, but I believe the comments from the TST community should speak volumes more than my own venting.

The game versus the Bears featured two 80+-yard touchdowns, neither of which were by the home team. Sure, the defense played below our high expectation level, but the offense played below expectation level of a high school JV squad. A day after the game, the Rams' starting QB, whom the Rams traded Sam Bradford for, got benched...making this the fourth straight season a back-up will be starting a game in horns. It’ll be the first because the starter got benched for performance, not injury-related, issues.

So we’ll ask you again, as we do after every game: Rate the performance Jeff Fisher has put forward so far in 2015, with a slight emphasis on the last game played.

As always, the scale is:

1 – Turrible, just turrible; give him his walking papers

10 – Ah-mazing; give him an extension

Let’s hope for a better outcome in Baltimore. Leave your comments below and #HornsUp