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2016 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Currently Set Beyond Top Half Of Order, Bradford Pick Not Assured

With four wins in hand, the Rams aren't assured of a top-16 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft...nor are they assured of keeping their fourth-round pick from the Sam Bradford trade.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Last week when we updated the Rams' 2016 NFL Draft order, we noted that Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford had played every offensive snap in the Eagles' first eight games. By playing in those 549 snaps, he likely was on the verge of crossing the 50% threshold meaning the Rams would likely keep their 2016 NFL Draft fourth-round pick as a conditional pick stemming from the Bradford-Nick Foles deal.

And happened.

In the third quarter of yesterday's game between the Eagles and the Miami DolphinsBradford went down under the weight of a crunching tackle spraining his AC joint in his shoulder and suffering a concussion. Reportedly, he couldn't even remember the first half of the game.

Bradford had played 58 snaps to that point in the game, bringing his season total to 607. The Eagles had only 38 snaps thereafter so for the Rams to keep their fourth-round pick in next year's draft, the Eagles need only take less than 569 (or 500 and nice) snaps over their final seven games.

The concern? Filling in for Bradford was backup QB Mark Sanchez...who played all of those 38 snaps. If that math doesn't jump out at you, that means the Eagles took 96 offensive snaps yesterday (for reference, the highest offensive total for the Rams in a single game this season is 74).

That's 96 snaps. In one game. The Eagles have seven games.

At that rate...the Eagles have 672 snaps remaining.

Now obviously that rate is unusually high. But also consider that Sanchez played 38 snaps. If he takes more than 569 snaps over the final seven games...

Let's just hope for a speedy return for Sam.

Meanwhile, the Rams' draft order remains the same round-to-round, though the loss bumps the Rams up from the #18 overall pick to #17:

Round Pick
1 Rams pick (would currently be #17 overall)
2 Rams pick via Eagles
2 Rams pick
3 Rams pick
4 Rams pick
6 Rams pick

The Rams used their 2016 NFL Draft fifth-round pick on Clemson OT Isaiah Battle in the 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft.

The Rams included their 2016 NFL Draft seventh-round pick in the package to trade with the Houston Texans for QB Case Keenum.