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Quick Five Recap: The Sky is Blue. The Rams Offense is Awful.

This is what a meltdown looks like.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams came out of the gate with a great drive resulting in a touchdown.

So did the Bears.

The Rams came back again with their second drive, resulting in another touchdown...that is, until Greg Robinson earned his first of three holding penalties. The Rams offense never got into the end zone again.

It was likely one of the worst games the Rams have played with Jeff Fisher as a coach. The team employed a cover two system to limit Alshon Jeffery and it worked. The problem was that the team couldn't stop anyone else.


Third down is a problem. We need to improve that on both sides of the ball.

Jeff Fisher, 9/22/2015

It really all circles around the third down efficiency. We’re not converting third downs. We’ll get that figured out.

Jeff Fisher, 9/28/2015

We were five-for-18 on third down in this game, and 18 third down attempts is not good. We have to bring that number down. We have a lot of stuff to work on.

Jeff Fisher, 10/12/2015

Still having some issues offensively that we’ve got to get fixed. Namely, those are first downs and third downs. We’re going to continue to work on it. Players understand.

Jeff Fisher, 10/26/2015

The two glaring things, the two errors that we must improve on is our third down on offense and reducing the number of penalties.

Jeff Fisher, 11/2/2015

What's the over under on adding another quote to this list today?

Quick Five

red down

Nick Foles, QB

Let's start with Foles, shall we? Nick was hot garbage against the Bears. He overthrew (and underthrew) multiple receivers. He made poor decisions with the ball and in general took much too long to throw it.

In particular was a throw to Brian Quick, deep down the center of the field. The defense was showing cover one. Great idea.

Drops don't help, but Foles was far and away the biggest culprit of the Rams total lack of offense.

Bradley Marquez, WR

Give credit to Marquez. As an undrafted free agent, it was a long shot for him to make the team. The fact that he is now seeing significant time in the base offense says a lot about him (and also about how bad the offense is).

But he's making the most of it and he's also playing excellent on special teams, with a forced fumble on the day.

red down

Greg Robinson, OT

Robinson cost the team a touchdown on his first holding call. After the third, it was almost laughable about how bad a day he had.

His struggles continue to be mental. If the Rams had any depth on the offensive line at all, it might be a good idea to bench him and let him see the game through the coaches eyes and try to slow it down for him.

But the Rams have no depth on the O-Line, so get used to the yellow laundry.

Trumaine Johnson, CB

Johnson had a good day in coverage. Both Janoris and Trumaine have really improved. It will be interesting to see if the Rams are willing to spend the significant cost of keeping both.

But it is hard to replace two corners who are playing at such a high level.

red down

Jeff Fisher, HC

This was a game the Rams had to win. Period. That didn't exactly happen. Now, we're left with the same questions we've had for years.

Jeff Fisher has a phenomenal ability to get players to invest and play hard, but even he couldn't breath life into the team after half-time.

Barring a miracle, this is likely the final nail in the coffin for the 2015 season.

You're Still Here?

  • Jeff Triplette continues to impress with just how bad he is at officiating.
  • Get well soon Jamon, we'll see you in 2016.
  • The Rams are only one game (and a tiebreaker) up on the last place 49ers.
  • Jared Goff y'all. It's that time again for us.