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Man Crush Monday: Floooooooooooooooooooooooop

That was hard to watch. If you're looking for silver linings..... look elsewhere

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

The Rams laid a gigantic turd yesterday. And flushed any realistic chance they had at the playoffs in the process.

Were there preformances worth recognizing? Absolutely. But the overwhelming reaction in Rams nation was: Well.... there goes another season.

So - on that note - let us look at what the Rams can do to correct this insanity.

Disclaimer: While I think Jeff Fisher is a large part of the issue, I'm not listing that as an option because if he leaves, all of the following moves likely go down anyway.

Move on from Nick Foles

A lot of the blame for the passing offense falls on Foles' shoulders - as it should. But lets be real - this team isn't built to pass the ball 60% of the time. Even when they're down, there is absolutely no reason Foles should have 36 pass attempts. But hey! He got to 200 yards....

Yes, they were playing down by 14+ for damn near the whole game. But play to your damn strengths. Foles can't make WRs run deeper routes on 3rd down. He can't catch the ball for them. But he can sure as hell find and hit open receivers - something he has failed to do with any consistency this season.

Cut Kenny Britt and Jared Cook

Do I really have to justify this to anyone at this point?

Draft - another - LT of the Future

Greg Robinson was terrible yesterday. He's regressing and it's starting to get ugly. Is it too soon to call him a bust? Probably. But it would behoove the Rams to find another LT in a hurry. If for no other reason as an insurance policy.