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St. Louis Rams 13, Chicago Bears 37: Hometown Failures On Both Sides Doom Rams

That was less than awesome.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher football.

There should be no confusion about what that means for St. Louis Rams fans after today's 13-37 loss to the Chicago Bears on the Rams' home turf.

Some people have called the recognition of what that entails "negativity." Perhaps today, we can all agree that it's not negative.

It's not negative to realize that Jeff Fisher football means you're just not going to be good. You'll win games, some of them impressive underdog victories. You'll also drop games. At home. In indescribably inept fashion.

That's Fisherball. Never good, never horrible. Enough to be right in the middle of the pack.

Jeff Fisher is in his fourth season as the head coach of the Rams. He has yet to deliver a winning season in his first three years. The Rams are now 4-5 after nine games.

Here are two tweets I sent out last week, that obviously apply just as much this week:

This is why optimism for the Rams is ignorance. You want to be optimistic about this team? You literally have to ignore today. Dictionaries exist. Words have meaning.

It's why you can criticize the Todd Gurley selection. He's a phenomenal talent, but he can't save a feckless passing attack from itself. He's not an offensive lineman. And if the Rams' defense is anything less than perfect, it takes an almost inhuman performance to keep the Rams in ballgames. Credit Just Todd Gurley for providing some of those performances. It's a testament to how good he really is.

It's also a testament to the team Jeff Fisher has built after four years that it requires unbelievable performances from a rookie running back, the fifth RB Fisher has drafted in just four drafts, to supply the Rams' offense with the necessary oxygen to keep its organs from failing.

And yet there are people who support Jeff Fisher. There are people who hear him talk about the never-ending, ongoing fixes being applied to the penalties and the third-down offense and buy it. There are people who point to the youth of the team and the failures of seasons before 2012 and suggest he just needs more time. That he's been plenty successful just getting the Rams to six and seven wins per season. There are people who see the questions from Jim Thomas and Nick Wagoner and are complacent at how their team is covered.

It's not hard to understand this team.

It's just hard to accept it.