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St. Louis Rams 10, Chicago Bears 24: Midterm Meltdown

The offense, per usual, struggled. The defense, per unusual, struggled. That's not a good recipe.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Le sigh.

The St. Louis Rams trail the Chicago Bears at the half on home soil, 10-24.

You can point to the two 80+-yard touchdowns, one early from TE Zach Miller, one later on from RB Jeremy Langford.

You can point to the five penalties while noting Jeff Triplette is less of an NFL ref and more of a talking NFL rulebook crossword puzzle.

You can point to the Rams being one for seven on third downs bringing them to five for 49 since the bye in Week 6, this after signing Wes Welker to improve third down efficiency.

You can point to the approach of using RB Todd Gurley who had six carries on the Rams' first two possessions and two carries on the subsequent six possessions.

Or, you can just point to Jeff Fisher. You can point to the penalties getting fixed. You can point to the third down conversion rate getting fixed. You can point to all of it getting cleaned up.

It's all clicking.

This is less about saving a game and perhaps more about saving a season at this point.

The Rams need to show up.