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Playoff Implications: St Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears

Playoffs?? Well, here are some playoff scenarios for the St Louis Rams. They battle the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's November. The Rams sit at 4-4 coming off a huge loss to the Minnesota Vikings on the road. As big as the game was, this week's game against the Bears is that much bigger. Now, instead of the Rams looking to take over the final playoff spot, they are literally fighting for their very lives to remain in the hunt...


2015 Playoff Standings

Here's the grim reality. If we lose to the Bears, and Arizona wins, we are in deep trouble as far as the playoffs. We sit at #7 at 4-4 (first team in the "still alive" list) and the Bears sit at 13th - dead last at 3-5. If we lose, we would switch positions with the Bears.

And with Seattle, Philly and a newly hot New Orleans breathing down our necks, a loss this week would be nothing short of devastating. And let's not forget about Washington. If they pull off a win against the Saints (very possible at home), and we lose, they own the tie breaker with us.

Let's not forget about Atlanta and Minnesota, the two teams that OWN the two wild card spots. If they go on a tear, most of the scenarios are moot as far as the playoffs go, barring a division title. Atlanta has a bye this week.

This certainly feels more like a NASCAR race than football. Picture Talladega with 6 cars pulling out to a lead and a giant pack drafting and creeping closer and closer. Last week's loss hurt the Rams badly... Is the season over? No, but the Rams are certainly now teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Let's look at the key NFC Match ups this week:

  1. Bears @ Rams
  2. Saints @ Redskins
  3. Dolphins @ Eagles
  4. Cardinals @ Seahawks
  5. Atlanta (bye)

Out of these 4 games, I could list out dozens of scenarios.

Worst case scenario for the Rams

Rams lose, Redskins and Eagles both win, and the Cardinals defeat the Seahawks. That would drop us completely to the bottom of the pile, period. It would also be very tough for the Rams to even come close to winning the division at -2.5 games out. Not impossible, but nearly. 

Best case scenario for the Rams

Rams win, Redskins and Eagles lose, and the Seahawks defeat the Cardinals. What a day that would be. The Rams would stay at the top of the "still alive" pile, and only one game out of leading the division, owning the tie breaker against Arizona and we face them at home December 6.

With all the above said, it's certainly going to be an interesting end to the 2015 NFL season.