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St. Louis Rams vs. Chicago Bears: Five Rams To Watch

The Rams need these players to come up big against Chicago.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams will host the Chicago Bears in a game that the Rams need to win to continue their push for a playoff spot. If the Rams want to win this match-up they will need these key players to have good games against the Bears.

Janoris Jenkins & Trumaine Johnson

The question that many people want to know is which one of these corners are better? The truth is that both corners have been playing great and the Rams are lucky for that this season. Will the Rams re-sign both or have to pick between the two, that's a story for the off-season, all that matters at the moment is this season.

The Bears offense has been revitalized with the return of wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, oh and it does not hurt that quarterback Jay Cutler has been playing pretty well. This is honestly one of the first games in a long time where the defense has to play against a healthy great QB and receiver.

If there was ever a case of  how good is the Rams secondary this will be the week. The Rams have an advantage due to their defensive line, however if these two corners can hold Jeffery to a modest amount of yards, then that will prove that the Rams secondary is great.

Robert Quinn

The Rams should have their elite pass rushing defensive end back this week after he missed last week due to injury. So far on the season Quinn has 21 combined tackles, three forced fumbles, and five sacks. Quinn should finish the season with double digit sacks again, but he has proven to not only being a great pass rusher but also a great run stopper as well, he has truly developed into a complete player.

The Rams need their pass rush to win them football games and with Quinn on the field again it will help the defense get back to their roots and help free up other defensive players to get disrupt the passing game. Jay Cutler has been playing well this season, but just like any quarterback the key to stopping them is to get in their head.

Nick Foles

Lately, it has been hard not to be down on the Rams quarterback. Foles has not lived up to the expectations of many and the only bright side is that he does not cost as much as the Rams last quarterback. Personally I'm not a stat person, but Foles has thrown for 200 yards only once this season and that was during the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. Foles has also thrown multiple touchdowns in only one game this season which was against the Arizona Cardinals.

Against the Chicago Bears, Foles has a chance to finally finish a game with more than 200 yards for the first time since the beginning of the season. The Chicago Bears has a beatable defense and the secondary should be beatable. The thing is that Foles has played against defenses that were average and has not done much, hopefully this week is different.

Jared Cook

Cook has been a disappointment, but if the Rams hope to play for a playoff berth the team needs their play-makers to make plays and that is the reason the team brought Cook over. So far Cook has 20 receptions and 255 reception yards and no touchdowns. Foles focuses on Cook enough that he can become a great weapon for the Rams, it's not likely that Cook will have a good game this week, but if he does that does well for the Rams outlook against the Bears and beyond.

Mark Barron

Barron is the biggest surprise on the Rams defense. When the Rams starting outside linebacker Alec Ogletree was placed on IR, it was hard to imagine the Rams replacing his production, but Barron has done it.

On the season thus far, Barron has 55 tackles, and a forced fumble and also a sack. Barron will have to find a way to shut down Martellus Bennett and also to help defend the run. Bennett has the most receptions for the Bears so Barron will have his work cut out for him, but if he can keep Bennett out of the end zone the Rams have a solid chance of winning the game.