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Former St. Louis Rams, Current Oakland Raiders LB/S/ST Ray Ray Armstrong Facing Possible Felony For Dog Taunting

Welcome to Turf Show Times NFL News hour where we present you with only the important, serious NFL news.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

An Oakland Raiders linebacker is under investigation by the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office for allegedly taunting a police dog at Heinz Field.


[Ray Ray Armstrong] allegedly lifted his shirt, pounded on his chest and began barking at the dog as he was heading toward the field for the game, according to officials with the sheriff's department.


Taunting a police dog officer is a third-degree felony charge in Pennsylvania.

1.) This is the part where I point out that I cited popular musician DMX in the TST Staff predictions for the Rams-Vikings game. Foolishly, I thought that would be the last DMX reference of 2015. It lasted atop the DMX reference big board for four days.

2.) This is the video for DMX's breakout hit in 1998, Get At Me Dog. It is the official anthem for this story. You should listen to it now and make your life 43.8% better.

3.) This story, along with the Cam Newton banner thing, is the best reminder so far through this early portion of the week that the NFL is stupid and that everything outside of the 60 minutes (plus, in some cases) of football we enjoy that the NFL provides is really, really, really stupid.

Really stupid.

Get at me, dog.