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St. Louis Rams Will Not Send 2016 NFL Draft 4th Round Pick To Philadelphia Eagles In Sam Bradford/Nick Foles Trade...Probably

Sam Bradford has played every snap in the Eagles' first eight games. That's a good thing in regards to the Rams' 2016 NFL Draft class.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trade in Marchthe following draft picks were included as part of the exchange:

2016 NFL Draft Order After Week 9

Accepted Terms

Rams get: QB Nick Foles, Eagles' 2015 NFL Draft 4th-round pick, Eagles' 2016 NFL Draft 2nd-round pick

Eagles get: QB Sam Bradford, Rams' 2015 NFL Draft 5th-round pick, conditional 2016 NFL Draft pick

Conditional Terms

If Bradford plays less than half of the snaps in 2015 (or essentially eight games), the Eagles get the Rams' 2016 NFL Draft 4th-round pick. If Bradford doesn't play at all this year (or gets injured...................which is a distinct possibility), the Rams give up their 2016 NFL Draft 3rd-round pick.

If Bradford plays more than 50 percent of the snaps/8 games in 2015 for Philly, the accepted terms are finalized.

Sam Bradford has played at least one snap in 2015, meaning the Eagles do not get the Rams' 2016 NFL Draft third-round selection.

Sam Bradford has now played eight games and a total of 549 snaps. If that constitutes a majority of the Eagles' offensive snaps in 2015, the Rams are not longer beholden to provide the Eagles with their 2016 NFL Draft fourth-round selection either. Of course, there's no certainty in that. The Eagles, hypothetically, could have more offensive snaps in the final eight games of their season than their first eight. But averaging 68+ snaps per game assuming Bradford plays this weekend against the Dolphins, the Rams will have locked up their conditional picks from the Eagles.

Assuming that's the case, here's the Rams' 2016 NFL Draft order:

Round Pick
1 Rams pick (would currently be #18 overall)
2 Rams pick via Eagles
2 Rams pick
3 Rams pick
4 Rams pick
6 Rams pick

The Rams used their 2016 NFL Draft fifth-round pick on Clemson OT Isaiah Battle in the 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft.

The Rams included their 2016 NFL Draft seventh-round pick in the package to trade with the Houston Texans for QB Case Keenum.