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Random Ramsdom 11/10: Stedman Suspended, Welker Signed, Rams Reeling

The Rams lost perhaps the most important game of the season thus far. They also lost Stedman Bailey for four games, and he'll be replaced by Welker during that time span.

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Week 9

Here's a recap of the game that the Rams came up a little short in...

Five things to be learned: number one, the offense is awful.

Bridgewater took a shot from Joyner, but Joyner was apologetic.

If the Rams want to make the playoffs, this offense will not suffice.

Nick Foles has been mediocre--at best.

The Rams ultimately lost in OT, but would they have been there bar the failed 2 PT Conversion?


Say hello to the newest member of the Rams.

The Rams are bringing in a sure-handed veteran.

Simmons breaks down Fisher's press conference.

Jeff Fisher gives a press conference and announces Welker's signing.

Stedman Bailey's suspension prompted the signing of Welker.

Robert Quinn and T.J. McDonald missed Sunday's game, but they'll be back sooner rather than later.

He'll likely be fined, but a suspension is highly unlikely.

The Rams can't overcome mental lapses--whether it be false starts, offsides, or whatever.

Wes Welker will take away some dropping problems on 3rd down.

Here are three trending Rams and three not-so-trending Rams.

Sam Bradford has crossed the trade's threshold, and the Rams will retain additional picks.

Around the NFL

Talib's nasty eye rake hasn't gone unnoticed.

Should flex scheduling be allowed to eliminate weak teams in national television slots?

Kaepernick, Stafford, Who?