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St. Louis Rams 27, San Francisco 49ers 6: Big Questions Loom As Rams Move To 4-3

With today's big win over the Niners, the Rams have positioned themselves in the upper half of the NFC. With that newfound success come new questions...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams handled the San Francisco 49ers with relative ease on home soil (rubber?) today, winning 27-6.

With the win comes even bigger questions. And while we can celebrate today's victory, we can also probe the context that comes with it.

Is Fisherball working?

The Rams are now 2-0 in the Window of Opportunity coming out of the bye week with both wins coming in extreme Fisher fashion. The defense is mauling. Rookie RB Just Todd Gurley is hauling. And the rest of the stalling. There's a fair question as to how long this can last.

Bear in mind, we saw the flip side not too long ago up in Wisconsin when the Rams defense did all they could to slow Aaron Rodgers & Co. Despite clinging to a 14-10 deficit at halftime and buffered by a 30-carry, 159-yard day from JTG, the Rams still fell 24-10. Fisherball isn't the magic pill that you wake up to a 16-0 season with.

It does, though, carve out pockets of success. Those pockets haven't been sustained long enough during his tenure with the Rams. Today at least suggests that there's a possibility of that changing this season.

Will it work against better teams?

Of course, that possibility only exists in any reality because of the Rams' two most recent opponents: the 2-6 Cleveland Browns and the 2-6 San Francisco 49ers. Yes, the Rams held home court against those two and in solid fashion. And yes, there's something legitimately confidence-causing in the idea of handling inferior opponents in the manner you should if you want to be successful.

Still, it's worth pointing out what the Rams have been served the last two weeks.

From the Browns, it was a quartet of fumbles and 11 penalties. From the Niners, it was 13 penalties.

The Rams aren't likely to get such welcome support next week when they head to Minnesota to take on the 5-2 Vikings. That means they're going to have to find a way to replace the paper that's been covering their own cracks.

What fixes the Rams' issues?

Again, let's be adults. Enjoy the win. Celebrate tonight. Smile. And just like the team, recognize there are issues.

The Rams are a combined 2 for 21 on 3rd down in their last two games, going 1 for 12 today. Un-awesome.

Nick Foles again had a pedestrian 60 minutes going 14/23 for 191 yards, 115 of which came on two long passes to TE Jared Cook and WR Tavon Austin. Wide receivers not named Tavon Austin accounted for 2 receptions, 10 yards on 7 targets. Five of those targets went to Kenny Britt and Stedman Bailey who posted zeroes across the board stat-wise.

Can the Rams step up to meet the challenge?

The Rams have a winning record in November for the first time since 2006. With it comes a fresh round of challenges they haven't faced in some time.

As it stands right now, the Rams would just miss out on the final wild card spot. That playoff berth would go to the Vikings who the Rams play next week. How do all these questions get resolved in Minneapolis? Will the offense step up? Is the defense allowed to have an off day?

The stakes are getting higher. The Rams need to summon bigger and better performances now that November's here if they want to sustain their winning ways.

On the back of today's big win and more headlines for Todd Gurley, there's enough context to believe it's possible.