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Random Ramsdom 9 OCT: Rams Finding Identity on Offense

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Split Zone, Cignetti's Key to the Offense |

Good shit here. If you only read one article today, read this.

NFL Relocation 'Rules' Are a Joke | 101 ESPN

Bernie is quick to pick up on the hypocrisy of the NFL. And he's more than a little right.

Rams Simulating Crowd Noise | STL Today

Green Bay has one of the strongest home field advantages in the NFL. This is a smart move by Fisher. He is also using an air horn to prep DL for Rodger's hard count.

AD99 started EARLY | ESPN

I have a 4 year old son and finding out that Donald started at 4 is just nuts.

Owners 'Leaning' Towards Rams-Chargers in LA | BleacherReport

Sims and Reynolds Return to Practice | STL Today

This is a very good thing.

StL Market Rating Better than You Would Think | Cover32 Rams

But $tan doesn't care.

Foles Playing Well Under Pressure | ESPN

He's been under duress a lot this season, but has held up really well save for an awful pick vs the Steelers.

McCarthy and Fisher Nearly United in TEN | ESPN

He ended up choosing Brett Favre and Green Bay before the staff was ousted.

Packers Looking to Extend 10 Game Home Win Streak | FOX Sports

Obviously the Rams would love to see that streak end.

Foles Looking to Build on ARI Momentum | FOX Sports

He has his best game of the year in Glendale. Rams Fans hope that continues in Green Bay.

Raji Sounds Like Fisher |

It only took one game for Todd Gurley to start garnering special praise from opponents.

Top 5 Non-QB MVP Candidates | PFF

DL go 1-2 in this list. Aaron Donald is one of them, JJ Watt is the other.

Fisher on 3rd Hottest Seat | SB Nation NFL

He's $tan's guy. That's all you need to know.

Rams Know They can't 'Steal One' at Lambeau | Sporting News

If they win, it will be well earned.

Rams will Pressure Rodgers | Yahoo!

But don't sleep on the Packers D. They have just as many sacks as the Rams.

Packers WRs Beat Up | Yahoo!

James Jones, Davante Adams, and Randall Cobb are all battling various maladies.

Packers D Revolves Around Matthews | STL Today

He's not shy about calling people out either. Just ask Kaep.

#52 Still on Practice Field | STL Today

T.J. McDonald is wearing Alec Ogletree's jersey in support of the injured star.

Numbers don't Lie with Rodgers | STL Today

Yeah, Yeah.... we don't need reminded that he's the best QB on Earth.