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Rams vs. Packers: Five Packers Players to Watch

Heading into Week Five of the NFL season, the St. Louis Rams are going to the great Lambeau Field to face off against the Green Bay Packers.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams want to accomplish the same thing they did last week against Arizona, and that is upset the undefeated team. To achieve that, the Rams have to execute the gameplan as close to flawless as the can. They also have to stop a few of Green Bay’s players.

WR  Randall Cobb

From gadget player to leading receiver, Randall Cobb is that dude. He leads the Packers in receptions and is tied for receiving touchdowns. And just like our very own Tavon Austin, Randall is lethal after the catch. Cobb is Green Bay’s wildcard weapon. They can deploy him on punt returns, fakes, reverses, bubble screens, or down the field.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins will have his hands full dealing with Randall. Good thing for Jenkins is he has been playing pretty well as of late. He better keep it going against Green Bay this week, ‘cause a mental lapse resulting in a wide open Cobb can be the final blow for the Rams.

WR James Jones

James Jones is that "other" receiver with the Packers. He’s had three teams in this calendar year, but it doesn’t mean jack shit. This is the man leading the Packers in receiving yards (317) and is tied with Randall Cobb with four TD receptions.

Jones is the perfect complimentary receiver next to Cobb. James is the possession, grind-out-those-yards player. He is tough, akin to Anquan Boldin. He is a savvy vet that quarterback Aaron Rodgers trusts.

Definitely not a player to sleep on.

RB Eddie Lacy

With all the talk about the Packers receivers, running back Eddie Lacy is still a very big – and I mean BIG – threat of his own. At 5’11, 234 pounds, Lacy is the big back we are all too familiar with in the NFC West. Just like those backs, Eddie is one tough son of a bitch to bring down. He makes a living picking up yards after contact.

This is where Alec Ogletree’s absence will most likely hurt the most. Bring down safeties TJ McDonald and Mark Barron to lay down some thunderous hits will help. Akeem Ayers picking up some more playing time should also help keeping the Packers’ running game in check.

LB Clay Matthews

When you speak of the face of a defense, that is exactly what Clay Matthews is – the face of the Packers’ defense. The blond-haired, six-foot-three, 255-pound linebacker is the Packers’ moveable chess piece. He lines up both inside and out in the Packers’ 3-4 defense. An outside linebacker by trade, Clay has registered three sacks thus far. Paired with the 14-year vet Julius Peppers and fellow USC Trojan Nick Perry, the Packers boast one of the best pass rushing threats in the league. The teams’ 17-sack total is tied for second in the league with – you guessed it – the Rams.

It will be a tough day for the Rams’ tackles Greg Robinson and Rob Havenstein. Both players have been worked in the season’s first four games. The Rams have to go into heavy formations with extra tight ends to help out in pass protection.

QB Aaron Rodgers

Here is the mack daddy of them all. Aaron Rodgers is the biggest reason the Packers are as good as they are. I do not need to babble about what Rodgers brings to the table – he can do it all.

It will not just be up to the Rams’ front four to keep Rodgers in check. The Rams’ defensive line can bring the pressure, but Rodgers is one of the best at evading would-be sacks. He is also a threat running the ball after scrambling away from pass rushers. That is when the responsibility shifts to the linebackers. With Ogletree out, the onus will fall on Ayers and fellow linebacker James Laurinaitis.

Through the air, the secondary cannot afford to be fooled by Rodgers. It is crucial that the safeties do not get suckered in by Rodgers’ eyes and fakes. Ditto for the corners. The have to be on point to keep Aaron Rodgers at bay.