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Random Ramsdom 7 OCT: StL Stadium Effort Gets Boost

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Gurley Made Headlines, but don't Forget About Foles | 101 ESPN

Nick Foles is playing reeeeeeeeealllllly well at the moment. Don't forget the OL either.

Will Naming Rights Deal be Enough? | 101 ESPN

It's a nice boost in the viability of the proposed NFL stadium, but as 3k noted yesterday... Stan Kroenke will do whatever Stan Kroenke wants to do. Relocation guidelines be damned

Packers OL Faces Stiff Challenge in Rams Matchup | AP

As will every OL the Rams play this year.

Goodell Expects Vote on LA Franchise | AP

He won't say when though.

Rooney Expects Stl, SD, and OAK to Apply for LA Relocation | ProFootballTalk


Kroenke Addresses Technicality | BleacherReport

Kroenke will be allowed by the NFL to transfer control of his other teams to his wife. Oh to be a billionaire married to a billionaire.....

Rams Heavy Underdogs | BleacherReport

Both in Vegas and the court of public opinion.

Rams-Chargers Deal Could be Plausible | ProFootballTalk

The relationship between Kroenke and Spanos has had some thinking that for some time.

'Tree Could Return this Season | ESPN

Officially his status is uncertain, but they're not closing any doors just yet.

Foles > Sammy B |

Snead made the right move.

AD99 is a Beast | Cover 32 Rams

That much we already knew. He gets that way by being a diligent student.

Gurley Feels Like Gurley | ESPN

That's a good thing, as he carries the offensive expectations of a team on his shoulders.

Rams Get a Big Jump in DVOA | ESPN

They're projected at 8.8 wins for the season. I'd take 9-7.

Film Room: Aaron Donald | MMQB

Find out how AD99 is such a beast

Fairley Lands on Best FA Signing List | ProFootballFocus

He checks in at #10. That counts as a surprise....

Gurley has Smarts to Go with Insane Talent | STL Today

If bailing on his 1st career TD didn't show you that.... you gots to open your eyes.

Dunbar Back, Ayers Ready | STL Today

It's time for Ayers to step up.