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2015 St. Louis Rams: The Most Disappointing Players Through Four Games [POLL]

The St. Louis Rams have had some extremely impressive performances from key players through four games in 2015. But they’ve had a few who’ve disappointed, as well...

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we took a poll for the St. Louis Rams’ MVP through the first four games of the 2015 season.  It probably comes as no surprise that Aaron Donald won that quarterly award; and with relative ease.  But there were others, like Nick Foles and Tavon Austin who’ve impressed, as well.

But there are bound to be a few players who haven’t live up to your, and probably their, expectations thus far this year.  And while it’s disappointing that players like E.J. Gaines and Alec Ogletree have been lost to injury, it’s not their performance that’s disappointed.

Here are few options to get your noggins working...

LT Greg Robinson

The Rams drafted Robinson with the 2nd overall pick last year, and they knew he was going to be a work-in-progress.  And while it was their plan to fit him in at right guard, for the foreseeable future, that plan got kicked into action sooner than the Rams would’ve liked.  And while Robinson - and any of the other Rams’ offensive lineman - shouldn’t be consider liabilities, they’ve struggled.  And according to Pro Football Focus, none more than Robinson, who grades out at a -8.1 through the first quarter of the year [lowest of any Rams’ O-lineman].

RB Tre Mason

When the Rams drafted Todd Gurley, Tre Mason used a few emojis to let you know that he wasn’t going to simply vanish into non-existence, and he utilized that as motivation to work hard[er] during the offseason.  Sadly, through four games in 2015 he’s had only 18 carries, which ranks third on the team behind Benny Cunningham and Gurley.  Whats worse is that he’s totaled 41 yards, for a paltry 2.3 yards per carry.  Jeff Fisher stated in his conference call on Tuesday that he wants to get Tre more touches...which might be difficult to do when Gurley is carrying the ball at 6.2 yards per clip.

WR Brian Quick

Quick wasn’t deemed active until last week, and Rams’ fans were certainly excited to have him back on the field.  I, like most, have wondered what a stat-line for a healthy Brian Quick would look like, and this - being his fourth season in the NFL - is probably the one fans have been most optimistic about.  And that’s not to say there’s not still time for him to turn things around, BUT he was on the field for six offensive snaps in Week 4, and he’s got 0 catches on 0 targets to show for it.

TE Lance Kendricks

It wasn’t all that long ago, when the Rams drafted him with the 47th overall pick back in 2011, that the team was supposed to have found it’s hybrid-style, versatile, "today’s NFL" type tight end.  And since then, he’s received most praise for his blocking - something some draft experts thought would be a weakness - than drawing comparisons to the Gronk’s and Graham’s of the league.

Kendricks has also earned the nickname "Handbricks."  To be fair, he’s also - at times - fixed issues with dropped passes, and has also scored some pretty clutch touchdowns for the team.  Through the first four in 2015, though, Kendricks has only five receptions.  He’s also got two drops.  For receivers with 10+ targets in 2015, his 18.2% drop rate ranks 5th in the league.

Football games aren’t won or lost on single plays.  But if there’s one that Lance Kendricks could have back, it would be on a beautifully designed play [broken down by Rams Herd here] from their Week 3 matchup against the Steelers.

The Rams lost that game 12-6.  This one, which hit him right between the numbers, was good for six more.

DT Nick Fairley

When the Rams signed Fairley in this most recent offseason, the pick left many fans scratching their heads:  why spend good money on a defensive lineman when we’ve got more dire needs elsewhere? A valid point.  Others, self included, were excited about the idea of making an already fierce front even more dominant.

Thus far in 2015, Fairley has been on the field for 65 defensive snaps; good for second least on the team’s D-line.  He’s only taken more snaps than Eugene Sims [42]...who had all 42 snaps in Week 1, before suffering a knee injury in the latter stages of the Seahawks’ game.