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Random Humpday Open Thread: Rams’ Football, Hockey’s Return, & Putting An Animals Head On Your Body

Grab a seat on the sofa. Tell me what animal’s head you’d like on your own body.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Happy humpday, St. Louis Rams’ fans.  I hope this Wednesday evening finds you well.  It’s been about a week since we’ve had a random open thread [my apologies], but I had some free time this evening, so I thought I’d check in on the folks that like to talk about...well...everything.

Oh, and feel free to add any other topics, or get anything off your chest.  If you’ve got questions like "Why does 7-eleven have locks on their doors if they’re open all the time?" maybe we can work through them together...

So, without further ado, let’s chat.

St. Louis Rams’ Footbaw

It’s happening.  This Sunday, in case you weren’t aware.  The Rams are taking on the Lambeau.  That’s a scary thought for yours truly.  How do you see this one panning out?

A few quotes from earlier today from Mike McCarthy and Clay Matthews on a conference call they held with the media:

McCarthy on the Rams’ defense:

Huge challenge. A big challenge. It’s a very talented football team. You’re definitely seeing the maturation of an excellent process that (Rams Head Coach) Jeff (Fisher) and (Rams General Manager) Les (Snead) have gone through with the draft picks. It’s a team that’s going to be a very tough challenge for us Sunday. Their defensive line is as good as we’ve seen, clearly based on who we’ve played so far. Definitely on defense, it starts up front. Excellent scheme, it’s a scheme that will definitely challenge you. It’s an aggressive scheme with a bunch of aggressive defensive players.

McCarthy on Remembering Coaching with Cignetti:

Excellent coach, good friend. Frank and I started together there in 1989 under (University of Pittsburgh Head) Coach (Mike) Gottfried and then with (University of Pittsburgh Head) Coach Paul Hackett. I think he’s got his offense playing very well, particularly with the addition of (RB Todd) Gurley. Very, very impressed with (WR) Tavon Austin and the things he’s done with him and the impact that he’s made. The utilization of the tight ends and all of the different personnel groups and formations, so it’s a big challenge for a defense.

Matthews on Nick Foles:

He’s very smart. I think he’s got around a 100(percent) passer rating. The thing I think he does really well is he can place the ball exactly where it needs to be. He’s obviously done a great job of that with some of the play action passes that St. Louis possesses. He can make every throw. So, he’s done a great job in that regard. I think that’s what St. Louis has been yearning for, for a while is a guy that can sit back there and consistently lead drives down the field and make the passes he’s required too. It’s no secret as to why they’ve had success this year, and I’m sure some more moving forward. A large part of that is because of what he’s been able to do.

Matthews, when Jim Thomas asked him about his hair being pulled...

This is serious reporting we have going on here. (laughs) It happens, but no one’s ever done it on purpose. It’s part of the deal. If you’re going to have long hair, just expect tackles, tight ends, to grab it. For the most part, I think there’s kind of unwritten rules within the league. Usually, I get apologies if that happens. I don’t think anybody’s maliciously trying to go after your hair. I think that’s…well without getting myself in trouble, generally are…men don’t really do that a lot.

Thursday Night Football

There’s something about a Colts vs. Texans game on Thursday night that sounded extremely appealing about two months ago.  Tomorrow night, the 2-2 Colts take on the 1-3 Texans at NRG Stadium in Houston.  Meh.

Andrew Luck [questionable] is tied for the league-lead [w/ Jameis Winston] for interceptions, with 7.  I’d like to see him throw one to J.J. Watt, if I’m being honest.  Arian Foster is already listed as probable for the TNF contest, which is great news for the Texans...and my fantasy football team.

Who ya got in this one?

Hockey or Roundball?

These sports are coming back, ya’ll. As a matter of fact, the NHL season kicks off tonight with four games:

Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs. 7:00 p.m. ET
New York Rangers at Chicago Blackhawks. 8:00 p.m. ET
Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames. 10:00 p.m. ET
San Jose Sharks at Los Angeles Kings. 10:30 p.m. ET

And the NBA season kicks off in 20 days.

I’ll assume that we’ve got quite a few St. Louis Blues fans that frequent the site.  But regardless of whether or not you live in St. Louis, which sport are you looking forward to most?  And who’s your squad?

If You Could Keep Your Body, But Put An Animal Head On It, What Would You Choose?

This is, by far, the toughest question of the night.  It might be the toughest question you ever face in life.  Pick a head.  Pick any head.

Would You Rather Be A Smokin’ Hot Dummy or a Super Smart Ugly Person?

Each have their perks.  Why don’t you just weigh the pros and cons of each and let me know how you’d roll...