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St. Louis Rams: Head Coach Jeff Fisher Tuesday Practice Press Conference Transcript

The Rams kicked off a week of practices preparing to face the Packers in Green Bay.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

(Opening statement)
"Great work, great start. Got some people back. Let me give you an update on (LB) Alec (Ogletree). Surgery went really well this morning. We have decided not to use the IR designation at this point. So, he’ll be out, designated as a Sunday inactive and out. We’ll just kind of see how things go, and there’s a chance for a return. We’re just going to see how things go."

(On if the return will be quicker than eight weeks)
"No, I’m not anticipating… It’s going to be longer than eight weeks, but there’s a chance for a return. Right now, we use the roster spot. We use (WR) Chris’ (Givens) roster spot and we signed (LB) Jo-Lonn (Dunbar). So, we’re fine. We’re at 53. We’ve got a solid practice squad. Alec (Ogletree) will just be inactive this week."

(On how quickly Dunbar can get up to speed)
"He knows the defense, that’s why we brought him back. He stayed in shape, came back and it’s like he’s never left. He has a good feel for what we’re doing."

(On having flexibility with the final roster spot if they need it)
"Yes. In the future, if we need to use the designated IR, designated for return, then we still have it available."

(On if RB Trey Watts will be exempt from the roster this week)
"He has an exemption. That way he’s going to practice and then we’ll make that decision next week."

(On if Ogletree’s injury was a fibula)
"Right now, he has a really sore ankle. He had his fibula repaired, yes. I don’t need to go into all of the details, you guys will get confused. You’ll confuse his ankle with his knee."

(On if the surgery was done in St. Louis)
"Yes, it was done this morning. It was successful."

(On RB Todd Gurley having four carries in a row and if that was an indication that he’s ahead of where was expected)
"I think what everyone expected, was after he broke the first long one where we had the celebration and the delay, that you expected to see (RB) Tre (Mason) go in and he said he was fine. He goes, ‘No I’m going. I’m going to finish this drive.’ That’s a really good indication of where he is right now."

(On if he’s seen maturity from Gurley from the start)
"From day one, yes. He’s learned the offense. He knows exactly what to do. Learning hasn’t been a problem. Work load has not a problem. He’s done all of the extra things. He’s that complete back. That’s the reason we drafted him, because we knew he was like that. All of the information we got out of the University of Georgia was all true. This is the kind of young man that he is. He’s a real pro."

(On if RB Chase Reynolds and DE Eugene Sims practiced)
"They both got back on the practice field today."

(On what makes Packers QB Aaron Rodgers exceptional)
"Coaches tape, you just sit there and go, ‘Wow.’ Ball is out. He’s accurate. He’s extremely accurate and the ball comes out quick. He knows where to go. He’s mastered that offense. He’s mobile. He’s running around making plays and they’re a hard offense to stop."

(On how careful they have to be to not get drawn offside and then beat over the top by Rogers)
"He’s going to do it. Week, after week, after week you hear defenses work on that all week long in practice and are not going to let it happen to them, and then it happens to them and the ball goes up top. We’re no different than any other defense that gets ready to prepare for them. We have to work on it and then when the ball goes up, we have to make the play. But, the ball’s going to go up top."

(On how important quick substitutions will be with the Packers running no-huddle when they see teams subbing)
"It’s like (Broncos QB) Peyton (Manning). Peyton will do the same thing, so we’re used to that. But, he’s very good at that. He’ll watch to see if anybody steps off the sideline. If they do, they get up on the line of scrimmage."