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St. Louis Rams 2015: Who’s Been The MVP Through Four Games?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams [2-2] have had some very strong performances in the early stages of the 2015 season.  They’ve also had a few letdowns.  And along the way, we’ve seen some pretty solid play from some of the Rams finest players.

But which one would you deem MVP through the first quarter of 2015?

Nick Foles

Foles hasn’t been perfect.  Far from it.  But he’s made some very clutch throws [see:  dime drop to Stedman Bailey in Week 1...and dime drop to Stedman in Week 4] that have not only looked pretty, but have kept the Rams in games.  He’s thrown for 815 yards through four weeks, with five touchdowns and only one interception.

Todd Gurley

I’m putting his name in here for two reasons.  First, he leads the Rams in rushing, despite playing in what equates to one NFL game.  The second is sheer recency effect. He ran for 100+ yards in the fourth quarter of last week’s game.  There’s not another running back in the NFC that has COMBINED for 100 yards in the 4th quarter all season.

Tavon Austin

Flashes.  We’re seeing them.  And fortunately we’re seeing them more often.  Thanks to Frank Cignetti, there’s a lot less of Tavon in the backfield, though he does have 77 rush yards through four games.  He’s tied for the team-lead in receptions, and he’s also tallied two receiving touchdowns.  You might also remember his 75-yard punt return for a score in Week 1 against Seattle.

Kenny Britt

Britt was quiet in last week’s game, but he leads the team in receiving yards [183].  He’s racked up 11 catches in four games, is averaging 16.6 yards per catch, and has one TD [at Washington] on the year.

Aaron Donald

Donald has quickly become the NFL’s most disruptive force on defense.  He’s consistently causing havoc in the opposition’s backfield, and drawing comparisons to J.J. Watt.  Donald leads the team in sacks thus far in 2015 [3.5], and has 20 tackles [six of which for a loss], which is most by any of the Rams’ defensive lineman.

Alec Ogletree

Unfortunately the Rams are going to be without Ogletree for a while due to an ankle injury he sustained in Week 4.  Prior to that, though, Ogletree was playing Pro Bowl caliber football.  He leads the team, as usual, in tackles with 42.  He’s also recorded two sacks in four games.

Janoris Jenkins

Jenkins is another player who’s performing at an extremely high level in 2015.  He’s third on the team in tackles [26], and leads the team in interceptions [2].  Over the first four games of the season, fans have gotten much of what they saw in Janoris’ rookie year: big time interceptions and big time hits.

There are certainly more Rams to be taken into consideration, but this list should get you started.  Who’s been the Rams’ MVP through the first quarter of the 2015 season?