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2015 St. Louis Rams: OLB Jo-Lonn Dunbar Re-Signs Following Alec Ogletree Injury

The Rams have brought a familiar face back.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jo-Lonn's back:

Following the injury to OLB Alec Ogletree, the St. Louis Rams have re-signed OLB Jo-Lonn Dunbar to backfill the position after cutting ties with him earlier in the offseason.

Dunbar first signed with the Rams in the 2012 free agency period following a four-year stint with the New Orleans Saints. After three years, the Rams released Dunbar this offseason in the cutdown to the 53-man roster.

No word on any other corresponding moves to the 53-man roster as the Rams get ready to hit the road to face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday or how the Rams plan to incorporate Dunbar into the gameplan with the personnel rotation we saw on Sunday post-Ogletree's injury.

Nonetheless, it's a familiar face for the Rams' defense who shouldn't struggle with the technical side of the scheme given his experience with the rest of the defensive depth chart.

Welcome back, Jo-Lonn.