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Random Ramsdom 10/6: Todd Gurley To Bring Good Fortunes?

It's undeniable that Gurley's presence made an impact on the offense. Austin had more room to work, and he performed much better than normal. The pressure was off Foles, and he performed well too. Is Gurley that huge of an impact?

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Week 4

The Rams hand the Cardinals the first loss of their season.

The offense was much more productive this week, and it was in no small part due to these two.

It's hard for an opposing team to win if they're forced to kick five field goals and commit three turnovers.

How did Gurley do it?

After the win, watch Fisher's pep talk.

His helmet catch was week 4's number 4 catch.

Gurley's big rip also made an impact on the week's top plays list.


Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin are the future of this offense.

As Ogletree will undergo surgery, Jo-Lonn Dunbar comes back as a temporary replacement.

Ogletree will undergo surgey, and he'll likely be listed on IR to return.

Myles Simmons breaks down Jeff Fisher's press conference.

Fisher gives his weekly Monday press conference.

Rodney McLeod offers a one on one interview.

Chris Long offers a one on one interview.

With Ogletree down, Akeem Ayers will step up as a starter.

The big offensive plays were responsible for taking home the W on Sunday.

Around the NFL

Joe Philbin's tenure in Miami is through.

Beckham has two of three major receiving records through his first 16 games: yards and receptions, but he doesn't have touchdowns.

The Browns will have to explain why they deactivated Haden, who was listed as probable.