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St. Louis Rams At Arizona Cardinals: Player Of The Game

It is time for you to vote for the Rams player of the game.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams pulled the upset victory on the Arizona Cardinals, winning 24-22 on Sunday resulting in their second win of the season - bringing their record to 2-2. This was a great win for the Rams. Winning their second division game puts them in a good position heading forward.

The win against the Cardinals produced impressive games by several Rams.

Janoris Jenkins

Jenkins helped keep the Cardinals grounded before they really took off. Jenkins was active in helping defend the run and also did his job in coverage. Of course Jenkins made his mistakes, but what corner does not? He was the impact player that the Rams needed when it counted. Jenkins would end the day with five tackles and an interception.

Tavon Austin

This season Tavon Austin flashed his ability to be an impact player. Although Austin has been producing one or two big plays each game, he hasn't looked like a good receiver until this game. During the game Austin showed his dynamic speed and also good hands. Austin ended the game with six catches, 92 yards and two touchdowns.

Nick Foles

Foles will be an interesting study throughout the season. With that being said, whenever you throw three touchdowns and zero interceptions it is hard to criticize a quarterback - even though the 171 yards he threw for are on the low end. Foles looked good managing the game. In particular were the three touchdown passes thrown - they were on the money - and Foles handled pressure well.

Todd Gurley

After Gurleys' debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was impossible to believe that the Rams running game would be able to get it going against the Cardinals. In fact, in the first half Gurley and the running game appeared to be the same as previous weeks. The Rams stuck with it however and were able to create big holes that Gurley was able to exploit on 19 carries for 146 yards. The Rams first round pick looked the part this week and made veteran plays towards the end of the game by staying in bounds and falling on the turf.

So, who do you think should be player of the game? Cast your votes below.