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Man Crush Monday: Offense Finally Carries Weight

After having opportunities to put the game away in their previous 2 games, the Rams Offense finally held up their end of the bargain in Arizona.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

True to form, this Rams team continues to surprise fans week in and week out.

They had half as many first downs, were outgained 447-328, had triple the penalty yardage, and a nearly 6 minute gap in time of possession. Yet the Rams finally found a way to finish against the division leading Cardinals.

This is how a Jeff Fisher Team is supposed to play. They had a 24-26 pass-rush ratio, ran for 6.3 yards per carry as a team, and the defense was opportunistic. This is the product the fans were promised and Jeff Fisher finally delivered this week.

I'll be the first to give the defense props. They got stops when they had to and held the high-flying Cardinals to a single TD, but they also gave up nearly 450 yards. It was the offense that sealed the victory this week.

1) Todd Gurley

We heard whispers that Todd Gurley may see more playing time in Week 4, but I don't think many people expected this. Gurley dominated the Rams backfield, running the ball 19 times for 146 yards. No other player had more than 2 carries or 20 yards. So much for a timeshare.

There are a multitude of stats out there to back up how awesome Gurley was for the Rams, but postponing his 1st professional TD to kill the clock tells me everything I need to know about this kid: he wants to win.

2) Tavon Austin

Anyone still think that Tavon can't be a legit NFL WR? He caught 6 of his 7 targets for 96 yards and 2 TDs. He continues to be a focal point of the offense and - to be honest he continues to surprise me.

I've been a long time supporter of Tavon. Hell, he was part of the reason I joined the TST family before the 2013 draft. I wanted him on the Rams then and I'm glad that he's here now. What surprises me is the level of his involvement in the Offense. Frank Cignetti continues to show how incompetent this guy was.

3) Nick Foles

Foles won't pile up stats in this offense. But he will protect the ball and make plays when they're needed. Numbers don't tell the whole story with Foles. It all boils down to this....