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St. Louis Rams: Fisher, Gregg Williams Talk 49ers, Gurley, & A Winning Record In November

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post Practice – 10/30/15

(On if he feels good about how the defense is playing)
"It’s a week to week deal. The minute you start thinking that you’re okay, then things start to happen. So, every week’s a challenge. So, we just have to get them up consistently week after week and make our plays. We put pressure on the quarterback and get our turnovers, then we’ll be okay. But, you can’t just assume because of what’s happened the last couple of weeks that we’re going to play good."

(On it being a different challenge this week and it seeming that there’s not a whole lot of finesse about how the 49ers play)
"Yeah, there’s not. I mean, they’re going to come right at you. They’re going to use their shotgun runs and they’re creative with that. Let (QB Colin Kaepernick) ‘Kap’ read the end and things like that. That’s where they give you problems. So, we have to be sound and play the field and do all those things. But, the offensive line, I mean, (T Joe) Staley and (G/T Alex) Boone are as good as there are in the league right now. They’re still playing a high level. So, it’s a good football team."

(On if the game plan is still focused on keeping 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick from getting outside, in terms of him scrambling)
"Yeah, I mean, well, they’re going to get him outside. By design, they’re going to get him outside, and they’ll do that probably six to eight times a game. But, you can’t…when he’s designed to stay in the pocket, you can’t let him get outside. That’s the trick. So, try to keep him in the pocket. But, that’s easier said than done because you have five guys blocking four."

(On ending today with an upbeat practice)
"Well, our practices are upbeat. We have competitive situations where offense competes against the defense at the end on every Friday. So, I mean, that’s all well and good. We still have some things that we’ve got to get done tomorrow."

(On what it would mean to win this game and have a winning record for the first time in November since 2006)
"Last week was a big win for us and for us to have a chance to get in the win column again this week, it’s huge. But, again, it’s a week to week thing. So, you all can make whatever you want out of that and what we’ve done here, but we’ve let a few go that we should’ve won. We probably won a couple that people didn’t expect us to win. This is our next game. So, it would be great to find a way to win it."

(On where Halloween ranks on his holidays)
"Just another holiday, so I don’t know that I’ll be dressing up tomorrow. So, we just wish that all the little trick-or-treaters stay safe in the city."

Gregg Williams – Post Practice – 10/30/15

(On if there are days when the players drive him nuts)
"Days? Oh my gosh, yes (laughs). But, today we started the meetings off the charts with a couple of them walked in with costumes on and I had to get them back. But, that’s the fun part of it. This is a tough game when your bodies go through all of the things they have to go through and keeping themselves up physically, keeping them up mentally. On Fridays, it’s always my favorite day of the week because we call it fast Friday. We want fast decisions. We want fast competition. But also, we want them to laugh and joke too. They do, do that too. Kind of created a monster on that part of it."

(On what some of the costumes were)
"I don’t want to even go there. Don’t even want to go there. I didn’t even understand a couple of them. They thought it was funny, I didn’t even know what it was."

(On not seeing former 49ers RB Frank Gore in the backfield and what their running game is like now with RB Carlos Hyde)
"Hyde is a good running back. Again, I don’t know about his injury problem right now, but he is a dynamic, hard-nose, can cut the ball out the back end running back. He did well for them last year. He has our respect. We’re going to have to do a good job of…a very good offensive line, they’ve been able to do some really good things against us. And this is a division game. They know us, we know them. We always play in a dog fight and always play hard. Believe me, our guys have been very respectful in all of the meetings and all of the practices this week because they know how well and how good that team is."

(On what wrinkles the 49ers have added schematically)
"Really a lot of the same carry over. A lot of the option though still too. People said that ‘Kap’ (49ers QB Colin Kaepernick) is not carrying the ball as much. ‘Kap’ is carrying the ball a lot. He’s doing a good job with that. You’ll see the option part of it, a lot of movement passing that they’re doing. The guy that was there, (49ers Offensive Coordinator) Geep (Chryst), he was there before. So, there’s carry over. A couple of new things, but for the most part, not anything new that we haven’t seen out of other teams though."

(On how much he has to respect the way Kaepernick runs the ball)
"He has tremendous speed. When you guys see him in a breakaway, not only is he very tall, he’s fast and his stride length is unbelievable. Just catching him and getting him down. We’re going to have to do a good job of containing him and not letting them get life into their offense because he does have the ability to make big plays with his legs. We’ve got a lot of those guys in our division; a lot of those guys in the league any more. And he’s stayed healthy doing it."

(On if as a defensive coach he’s glad he has RB Todd Gurley)
"It brings a big smile to my face, yes he does. He can pop at any point in time. I’ve gone through a lot of those things throughout the years. The old (Eric) Dickerson years and everything from Marshall Faulk here and Steven Jackson here.

You make one mistake with a Todd Gurley and he can take it the distance.

I’ve gone through those type of days. Jerome Bettis. But this kid has breakaway, deep speed. You make one mistake with a Todd Gurley and he can take it the distance. It’s fun to see him play. He has the respect of our team. And what you all don’t see is how he carries himself in a very respectful way in the locker room and a real respectful way in the weight room and in the training room. Leadership has no age. You can be a leader at any age of your life. But, you better have a good example and you better go about doing things the right way. Behind the scenes, he does things the right way, too. Everybody likes him when he’s playing out there and you can see him doing those things. I like him behind the scenes too. He’s a good young man."

(On Gurley not having a lot of diva in him)
"Thank goodness he doesn’t, because this would not be a good place for him to be if he did. It would call on me and everybody else though too, we’d have to break that spirit. That doesn’t go very well here. That doesn’t go well really in a lot of places, but especially here it doesn’t go very well. From the day he walked in, there were many of us that started on that aspect of him so that he knows he can never even start to be that way. And he has never been that way in his life. I love his mom. I met his mom when they first came in. We made sure when he came in the door from the first day that he was introduced to you all that, that stuff wouldn’t go here. It wasn’t going to go at all."

(On if he likes the way his defense is playing right now)
"They’re playing very fast. They’re playing with a lot of contact. What we like about is how communicative they are. They’re doing a very good job on somewhat complex things you’ll see out there that are taking place that their heart beat doesn’t get raced up anymore. They’re pretty comfortable with that. When you play enough games with each other, they start to understand and they also - just through eye contact and just through a hand signal - they know where everybody is at. I like that aspect of it. And I do like the fact that they have taken ownership. And I’ve said this to you guys all spring and summer long, when they believe that they’re in charge, when they believe they have a say, then it’ll always go better. And it’s not just what I like doing because I change depending upon what guy has to go in the ball game and play. Those guys recognize that. They see that. They’re very respectful of the part of, ‘Hey, this is the best thing for us to be doing in this situation.’ And you’ll see (LB) James (Laurinaitis) take ownership of a lot of the checks that we’re doing. That’s a very comforting thing for me and I hope for them, too."

(On their receivers being players that have good resumes)
"Very good resumes. They’ve done a very good job in the passing game for a long time. (WR) Anquan Boldin has been one of the toughest men in this league for a long, long time. They’ve got (WR) Torrey (Smith) that can knock the top off the coverage. We’ve got our hands full. We’ve got to play this way every single week though. I thought last week there was a lot of explosiveness on the field and we adjusted to that explosiveness on what kind of game we had to play, different from how we played against Green Bay and different from how we played other people. We know these guys. We understand what we’ve got to do. We have a lot of respect for the players that they do have."

(On how important DE Will Hayes is, not just on the field but also in the locker room)
"He’s super important and people don’t give him enough credit for, people kind of think he’s dopey at times. All the goofy things he does and he’s always got a smile on his face. He’s constantly keeping things stirred up. He’s told me that once he gets done playing, he wants me to hire him and put him in charge of morale. I have to smile when he says that because he does do a great job in the training room, the classroom, all of those things. People don’t give him enough credit as he is. You guys see him go down and put his head down on the goal post because he’s getting ready to go to a dark place when the game gets ready to play, because he’s a tough player when he plays. It was fun to see him rise up and take ownership of that position because no longer was he rotating with (DE) Chris Long. He had to get ready to rise. He did a great job last year. He was our production leader last year and for the entire season, he won that award. It’s always fun to see him do that. The teammates like him. They know they can never be comfortable because he’s going to do something to them and to me. He quickly has found the fastest way to get my fuse lit. Unless he gets that done every day, he doesn’t think he’s had a very good day. And he got it today in walk-thru. It irritated me because I don’t normally fall for it, but I fell for it today and I snapped. He turned around with the biggest grin and he took off in. He was going to leave me alone once I snapped."