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St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers: 5 Rams to Watch

Some Rams have become must-see TV, others have a favorable matchup. Here's who I expect to have big games on Sunday.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Rams head into their Week 8 divisional game against the 49ers coming off of perhaps the most enlightening Win of the Jeff Fisher era. If they're going to repeat the success they had against the Browns, look for these players to take the fight to the 49ers.

Mark Barron

You can't ask Barron to do much more in replacement of Alec Ogletree than he did vs. Cleveland. Simply put, he's all over the place. He can and will do anything Gregg Williams asks of him - and that is a huge benefit to the Rams defensive capabilities.

RB Todd Gurley

The kid is electric and seems beyond his years with his vision and awareness. He is the life and soul of the offense right now. When Gurley gets the rock, stop what you're doing and watch. Period. End of Story.

QB Nick Foles

Week 8 provides the Rams new QB an opportunity to get back on track. The 49ers pass defense is awful and their pass rush is mediocre at best. If Foles can take advantage of this opportunity, the Rams will be going places.

I'm not saying that Foles NEEDS to have a big game - the gameplan will probably dictate that he won't - but if he CAN have a big game, it will mean big things for this offense.

Greg Zuerlein

In my opinion, Zuerlein has gotten some undue flak in the past few weeks. Yes, he's missed a bunch of field goals, but the majority of them were from 50+ yards out. Kicking is as much mental as physical. I hope Fisher lets Legatron kick a few easy field goals (or better yet.... a BUNCH of extra points) to get GZ's confidence back.

I believe in Zuerlein as a kicker, and I Sunday's game could provide him an opportunity to get some swag back - especially if Foles can get going.

Rams DL

I'll admit, this is 100% a cop out. The Rams DL is too talented to single out one member here. Oh, and the 49ers have allowed 25 sacks thus far in 2015 - good for about 3.5 per game. And if I'm honest with myself, I'll be disappointed if they don't put on a performance like this.