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Random Ramsdom 30 October: Enjoy the Moment

The Rams sit at 3-3 and are heavy favorites. There's some offseason drama coming, but don't forget to enjoy the 'now'.

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As Far as Stadiums Go, StL Clear Front-Runner | 101 ESPN

Oakland and San Diego are waaaaaaay behind the curve.

Rams-49ers Tilt has Biggest Mismatch in Week 8 | BleacherReport

Aaron Donald will be wreaking havoc against that OL

Run, Colin. Run for your life.

Foles a Sleeper? | BleacherReport

He won't be required to do much Sunday if the Rams stick to what their built for. This is a tough sell for me.

Gurley Giving Rams a Chance to Take Flight | Grantland

Does anyone else envision something like this with Tavon parasailing behind him? The amazing part is he just might carry the Rams to the playoffs.

Two Rams Win October Awards | Cover 32 Rams

Johnny Hekker and Todd Gurley bring home the hardware for the month of October.

Todd Gurley: Eric Dickerson 2.0? | ESPN

Fisher thinks so. And at this point... it's tough to argue with him.

Alderman Get Financing Plan | ESPN

I'm not even going to attempt to understand this. All I know is that the individuals with the most power to derail this stadium just received some vital information.

Rams Fans Need to Step Up | Inside STL

It's time for Rams fans to fill their role in the Stadium process according to Shane Gray.

JJ Earning his Moolah | ESPN

He's divisive among fans, but if he plays like this consistently.... PAY THE MAN.

Gurley's Weakness | ESPN

He's arguably the best RB in the NFL right now. But the knock on him - and the Rams Offense - is their slow starts.

Rams Have New Fans | ESPN In$ider

If only because the Seahawks are struggling.... SMH

Rams RB Duo Among NFL's Best | PFF

If I told you before the season that the second name on the list was Benny Cunningham, you'd have thought that Gurley was still shelved. But here we are in week 8 and Tre Mason is MIA

Top 10 Rookies | PFF

Gurley here is a no-brainer, but seeing Rob Havenstein in the 'Five to Watch' section is a pleasant surprise.

Rams DBs Growing Up - Fast | PFF

This unit is going to get expensive in a hurry this offseason.