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2015 St. Louis Rams: WR Chris Givens Is Gone. Who Should Follow?

Chris Givens was serviceable when used correctly, but he is now gone. And someone else should follow in his footsteps....

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Personally I liked Chris Givens.

I thought he was very good at what he was good at. He's a straight line burner that excelled at getting north and south quickly. Last I checked this is what you are supposed to do as a football player: get the ball and get upfield.

I recall him catching only one screen during his time in St. Louis and he ran it to perfection against the Packers. He caught the ball got north and south quickly and nearly scored after taking it over 50 yards. Other than that he was excellent at vertical routes and deep or skinny posts.

I am sure the Ravens have every intention of using him as their new Torrey Smith since Breshad Perriman doesn't appear to know how to use that 4.2 speed to run a straight line. This is a great move for Givens and I am happy for him to get a chance to do what he does best. Especially since he will be playing with what might be the best deep ball thrower in the NFL in Joe Flacco. Givens was simply wasting away in St. Louis. Also this is probably a sign that Brian Quick is about to be reinserted, although I doubt if he starts any games, as Frank Cignetti appears to love him some Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt, and I'm okay with that.

But let's be honest here, Givens is not the only player on this Rams' team wasting away that belongs on the field.

Stedman Bailey gets no real usage despite being a 40-50 play receiver. That means he's an every down receiver. One can only wonder the hell he'd raise in a competent offense that allowed him to play and threw him the ball more than an average of 3 times a game. He should definitely see 8-10 a game.

I say trade Bailey who I am sure will get better compensation than the weak 2017 seventh-round pick the Rams got for Chris Givens. My guess is a 2016 sixth round pick can be had that could carry 4th or 5th round consideration based on playing time, or a 2017 5th rounder.

Bailey has good film when given the opportunity. Why not dangle him out there and see how big of a bite he can reel in...

Jared Cook is another option but for different reasons. It's quite simple actually. He's a crook and isn't worth the money or time.