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2015 St. Louis Rams: New Uniform Teased For Week 15 Thursday Night Rams-Buccaneers Game

Well this is sure to inspire some opinions.

The new uniform is part of a four-game campaign by the NFL on Thursday Night Football called Color Rush that will come up with some splashy new designs based on defining colors for the eight teams involved:

  • Nov. 12 (Week 10) — Bills (Red) at Jets (Kelly Green)
  • Nov. 19 (Week 11) — Titans (Titans Blue) at Jaguars (Bold Gold)
  • Nov. 26 (Week 12) — Panthers (Panthers Blue) at Cowboys (White)
  • Dec. 17 (Week 15) — Buccaneers (Red) at Rams (Yellow Gold)

The full uniforms will be unveiled a week prior to the game on Thursday Night Football.

No word on when they'll be available in team stores so that every Rams fan on earth can get a Todd Gurley jersey in "yellow gold."

We'll have more when it becomes available.