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Random Ramsdom 29 OCT: Injuries Linger Prior to Week 8 Tilt

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Fans Proud, Defiant at Town Hall | 101 ESPN

As usual, great stuff here from Bernie.

Marquez Reflects on Mets Background | AP

Bradley Marquez was a prospect in the Mets system a few years back. You better believe he's watching the World Series when he can.

Grubman had Rowdy Crowd | AP

Can't blame StL for hating Kroenke. LA hates Georgia just as much for doing the same thing.

Rams Unanimous (!) Choice to Win | Bleacher Report

I mean, I expect them to abuse Kaep just as much as the next guy, but the line (-9.5) is kind of staggering.

Mason Held out of Practice (Again) | Rotoworld

Is this ankle injury lingering, or has he found his way into Fisher's doghouse?

DL Getting Hit by Injuries | ESPN

Part of this is likely Fisher playing it safe with the unit, but still worth noting as we near the 49ers game.

Blue and Yellow Unis Back this Week | ESPN


No Huddle to Reappear? | FOX Sports

Because Jeff Fisher is going to tell you that.....

Win Would Put the Rams over .500 | FOX Sports

In November for the first time since 2006

Barron Gives Rams Leeway at LB | FOX Sports

Which makes 'Trees IR-DTR status even more confusing to me.

Is the NFL on StL's Side? | StL Today

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The only thing that the NFL gives any precedence is $$$. That's a FACT

NFL Negotiating Directly with Task Force | StL Today

This writer is doing a piss-poor job filling Bernie's shoes (If you haven't noticed by now I'm a fan of his). Of course Kroenke isn't involved. Of course he's not honoring the 'guidelines'. Get with the program dude.