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St. Louis Rams Vs. San Francisco 49ers: Rams Dominant Favorites In NFC West Showdown

The Rams are huge favorites hosting the 49ers on Sunday.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The Rams are on the fence again.

After Week 2, the Rams were 1-1. They lost the next game.

After Week 4, the Rams were 2-2. They lost the next game.

After Week 7, the Rams are now 3-3.

The oddsmakers, though, have the Rams ending that trend starting out as 7.5-point favorites that has ballooned to 9.5-point favorites to some even ahead of the injury reports.

It's a hell of a swing in the long-fueled rivalry between the two historic franchises. We're miles removed from the 17-game losing streak of the 1990s. It certainly feels like a page has turned on the 5-14-1 run since the end of the 2004 season.

The ball's definitely in the Rams' court.

St. Louis Rams -7.5 -9.5 +100 -8 -110 -8 -110 -9 -105
San Francisco 49ers +7.5 +9.5 -120 +8 -110 +8 -110 +9 -115
Total 39 39.5
o -110
u -110
o -110
u -110
o -110
u -110
o -105
u -115
Nov. 1, 2015 1:00 PM : MatchupTrendsFree Picks

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