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2015 St. Louis Rams: Offensive Identity Survey Results Are In... How Did Rams Fans Vote?

Last week, Turf Show Times designed a survey intended to give YOU, our brilliant offensive schemers, input on what you'd like to see the Rams do on offense post-bye. The results are in...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

First off, we appreciate our Turf Show Times community taking the time to answer our extensive survey.  We had 400+ responses, and many of you took the time to add your comments at the end.  So, give yourselves a cookie (but not a Jared Cookie; this was a sensitive subject).

We'll get right to the point: obviously, y'all aren't real thrilled with how the Rams' passing game is going right now, and I think that goes without saying.  Yesterday, Kevin Patra of Around the NFL had a scathing comparison:

Watching Gurley on the same field as Nick Foles is akin to listening to Jimi Hendrix play alongside Jimmy and The Local Basement Band -Kevin Patra @kpatra

However, that does not mean that y'all are ready to throw in the towel on Foles or Cignetti's scheme.  When we looked over the results, we saw quite a few things that reached near consensus, but also some things that caused a divide on opinions.  This is very healthy, and means that y'all are seeing some things from a different perspective.

Survey Results and Notables

Here's a summary of the results:

  1. You guys seem to prefer Tre Mason over Benny Cunningham.
  2. Todd Gurley should not come off the field unless he's had a 40+ yard run.
  3. You guys aren't interested in overworking Todd Gurley.
  4. Todd Gurley should have every opportunity to hit 1000 yards.
  5. More running back screens, please.
  6. Mixed feelings about the new zone blocking scheme, but not too upset about it.
  7. Tim Barnes still has a lot of work to do in the run game.
  8. Keep Todd Gurley as fresh as possible, as he destroys the 4th quarter (9+ YPC).
  9. You guys like Nick Foles over any 2014 Rams QB.
  10. Foles can make all the throws needed to run the offense.
  11. With the exception of the Green Bay game, Foles' decision making has been acceptable.
  12. The Rams are in some trouble if Foles misses time.
  13. Foles needs to protect the ball and get the ball out faster.
  14. Foles is not going to hit 4000 yards or 25 TD's.
  15. Please give Stedman Bailey and Brian Quick more targets.
  16. Please give Jared Cook fewer targets.  Like, give everyone else his targets.
  17. Don't run 10 personnel (One RB, Zero TE, 4 WR).  No spread offenses.
  18. The pass blocking... needs work.
  19. Greg Robinson... please keep improving.
  20. Mix it up in the pass game and spread the ball out.
  21. Y'all don't miss Schotty.
  22. Y'all generally like Cignetti's playcalling.
  23. Keep things balanced on offense.  Defenses will key in on Gurley, make them guess from same formations.
Again, thanks for your input.  This was fun.

All survey results may be found here: Rams Offensive Identity Survey Results