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Random Ramsdom: That was Hard to Watch

"It's not for me to answer" -Eric Grubman

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

StL Gets it's Spotlight | AP

It wasn't as much a Q&A as fans profusing their love and criticizing (rightly so) the NFL processes.

Bernie Plays Eric Grubman | 101 ESPN

Great read here from Bernie. He's taken this stance for a while and frankly - I agree with him.

Defense is Underrated | 101 ESPN

Take away the D/ST TDs and the D is 3rd in the league in scoring.

49ers Giving up on Kaep? | ABC

Would you blame them?

Ogletree Put on IR-Designate to Return | AP

Why wasn't this done 3 weeks ago?

Dunbar Cut, DT Worthington Promoted | NFL Trade Rumors

The Rams say goodbye to Dunbar for the second time this season.

Defensive TD Set tone in Week 7 | ESPN

Power Ranking Yo-Yo Continues | ESPN

Could they crack the top-10 after a W vs. the Niners?

Goodell: ALMOST Enough Info | ESPN


Rams 40% Chance for Playoffs | Football Outsiders

I don't get too much into metrics or simulations, but find this intriguing

Long Shots Hurting GZ | FOX

Kicking is more mental than physical, so not seeing the football go through the uprights - even on 60+ yard attempts - is detrimental to his performance.

Tavon Austin: The Blocker? | FOX

He may be a tiny guy, but dude can block.

Gurley wasn't Best Ram Sunday | PFF

That honor goes to William Hayes.

JJ and Gurley Earn Kudos for Outstanding Performances | PFF

They were named to PFF's 'Team of the Week.' Jenkins is seeing his payday increase dramatically with his play this season.

Replacements Come Up Big | Yahoo!

William Hayes and Mark Barron came up huge while filling in for Chris Long and Alec Ogletree.