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St. Louis Rams Vs. Cleveland Browns: Defense, Gurley Lead The Way For The Quick Five

All things flow through rookie RB Just Todd Gurley.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the game, it looked to be the same old Rams. Surprise! It was. The defense was superb with easily the best game they've ever played as a unit. Make no mistake - the Browns had an efficient and improving offense heading into the match-up.

That all changed when they met the mob squad.

The team harassed Josh McCown all day and largely stopped the run from getting started. On the flip side, that's about all the Rams could do on offense. Luckily, the team has Todd Gurley, and that was about all they needed to take down the Browns.

Not Johnny Manziel To The Rescue

The Quick Five

Janoris Jenkins, CB

Jenkins has put together two straight dominant performances. He's quickly becoming the lock-down corner he's billed as. He displayed phenomenal coverage and tackling and forced a fumble at the beginning of the game on a screen he saw coming from miles away.

He's earning every penny of his new contract.

red down

Jared Cook, TE

What more is there to say. I suspect the Rams will be looking for new tight end services in March 2016.

Todd Gurley, RB

Gurley is the Rams' Iceman. He's unstoppable at the end of games and was incredible against the Browns, picking up his first two touchdowns. Things will only improve as he continues to return to full strength - this was only his first game without a knee brace.

Mark Barron, LB

Barron was everywhere against the Browns. He's filled in extremely well for Alec Ogletree against the run and his safety skills were helpful in slowing down the Browns potent passing attack. This game alone could have factored into a larger contract.

red down

Greg Zuerlein, K

The NFL has a short leash for kickers who miss field goals under 40 yards. The Rams are more lenient than most, given Greg's leg power, but the offense isn't good enough that they can leave points on the field.

There are no excuses for that miss.

Final Observations

  • The Rams offense has continually been slow at the beginning of games. I'm not sure if they have scripted plays, but it would be nice to see them try and put some points on early to gain some momentum.
  • It felt as though the team was trying to ease Nick Foles back into the offense. That works as long as Gurley is Gurley. But the team needs to be more balanced if they want to go anywhere.
  • Greg Robinson still struggles with the mental part of the game. It's understandable given that he barely has a year under his belt as a left tackle, but it's horrible timing.
  • Considering the shit I give Rodney McLeod, I should note he made me look like a fool yesterday. Kudos.
  • Havenstein and Brown both bounced back from awful games against the Packers.
  • Jared Cook is wasting valuable dome air every Sunday.
  • The Rams STILL need a dependable #1 receiver. I'll keep banging the Michael Thomas drum, thanks.