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St. Louis Rams 24, Cleveland Browns 6: Rams' Defense, Todd Gurley Combine To Execute Planned Blueprint

The Rams got back to .500 by leaning on the plan Head Coach Jeff Fisher had in mind going into the 2015 NFL Draft...and likely well before that.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

For one half, the Rams looked confused offensively despite a strong showing on defense. They were being handed a game, and they couldn't do anything to get out of their own way.

For another, the Rams leaned on rookie standout RB Todd Gurley to take over the game offensively with just two useful passing plays to push a lead to 18 points and coast to their third victory of the 2015 NFL season.

Make no mistake. A performance like this against better opposition won't cut it.

The Rams finished with nine penalties. Nick Foles passed for just 163 yards on 23 attempts. Were it not for the Browns' 11 penalties and four fumbles, all of which were recovered by the Rams, things might have looked much different.

Today, though, it sufficed.

The Rams are now back to .500 at 3-3 with the 49ers coming in a week's time. With seemingly no major injures incurred today, it's a good space for the Rams to heal up and prepare.

As for the game they just won, get ready for the superlatives headed Just Todd Gurley's way. For the first time in a long time, the national media is going to have a reason to pay attention to the St. Louis Rams.

And if his last three games are any indication, it's a justified reason.